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The Clock Is Ticking…

Only a week left to prepare for the Creative Connection MarketPlace… I am super excited to meet new friends and old friends!

A little funky chunky bling! This necklace started with an amazing vintage brooch with a circle of rhinestones and two beautiful blossoms… I¬†wrapped and pushed and prodded wire until I liked how it cradled the beautiful vintage brooch and added a funky chunky chain. $79


I had a little fun with non-traditional jewelry elements! Come On, Fork It Over! ūüôā¬† I created a sweet flower using a vintage crystal and wired it to the base of the fork and wrapped crystals and wire around the vintage children’s fork. It is always so much fun to wear something non-tradition. $68

This pendant started with vintage buttons… a trio of them¬†wire swirls around¬†beautiful crystals from a vintage necklace and some smaller black crystals… Upcycled and fresh! $89


Well, the clock is ticking as time is quickly passing… I have a ton of things to finish before my show and need to¬†work on my display…

Enjoy the beautiful day! Kris


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The Queens of Silver Bella

It was a joy to meet all of you…

You are DIVINE!

You celebrate FRIENDSHIP!

You are KIND.

You celebrate ART.

You exude HAPPINESS!

You are not afraid to be YOU!

And you are WINNERS!!!!

ÔĽŅÔĽŅÔĽŅAnd how cool is it that I have a picture of my blog giveaway winner, Gina in one of my crowns at Silver Bella! Congratulations Gina!

It was a joy meeting all of you and everyone else I met, but didn’t get a photo of! The crown photo’s kind of happened, I wish we would have started it at the beginning of the evening!

Hope you all celebrate each day as though you are a Queen!


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And The Winner Is……

Gina Wins The Crown!!!


And the winner is Gina!!! Congratulations Gina! You are the winner of my blog giveaway!

You won the Silver Bella Crown that I hand wired! I am so excited for you!  Please send me an email with your shipping address to cherishdesigns@live.com.


Submitted on 2010/11/15 at 1:40 pm

I met you at the Bella Market in Omaha. You have beautiful items!! And thank you for taking my picture with the beautiful crown on.

Thanks for your compliments! I am excited to send you the crown!!!
Thank you everyone for entering and blogging and sharing my info! I appreciate it!
I am excited about the Make and Take Pendant Class I am teaching tonight at Bloom! Hopefully the Minnesota Weather will be kind to us… Don’t mind a little snow, but please, please, please take the freezing rain away!
Hope you are all treated like a Queen today!

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www.cherishdesigns.wordpress.com Blog Give Away!!!

Here are the details on the blog giveaway!!!

And here is the prize!

A hand wired crown with vintage pearls and vintage elements. This crown took hours to make… I hope you love it!

Have a fabulous Day!



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Holy Moly It’s Windy Out There!

Wow, the last 24 hours are a bit of a blur, so much for having a good hair day, the wind is trying to create its own design!

Well, Mr. Dr. did not quite cooperate with me… 2 more weeks in this contraption… And one of my friends ratted¬†me out! He said that he had just talked to someone I know and they said that this splint didn’t slow me down at all. That I just fitted my tool in between the sling and my fingers and kept working away! Well it might be true, but did he really have to know that?Ha Ha! BTW, he never said I couldn’t¬†make jewelry… why do I feel¬†like a kid with my hand caught in¬†the cookie¬†jar?¬†(To my friend, I love you anyway, but I do know who you are and where you live! Bahahahahaaaaa¬†ūüôā ¬†)

My hubby is happy to put yesterday behind him… He had quite an eventful day yesterday. He drove from Cold Spring, MN to Thief River Falls, MN for a HUD Home Inspections (he is a Realtor/Broker) and encountered a blizzard with traffic driving between 20 and 30 mph on the way home last night. He said the wind was so strong that it would gust and push his vehicle sideways across the highway. He finally got to the interstate where the traffic was moving more quickly. About 45 minutes from home at 10pm he called. I was dozing off and I woke up and asked immediately if he was okay… He was fine but he was standing out in the 60 mph winds watching his truck on fire. Thankfully is was so cold and windy that the wind put the fire out. I called friends and was going to pack up the kids to bring them to a friends house and go get Tom, when “our friend, our hero Tom Hanson ” was out and about turned around and went to rescue him! Thank You Tom Hanson!

By then Tom had called 911, they dispatched a tow truck. I called to check on him and he told me he was going to get back into the truck! I asked him, what if it explodes??? He was sure it was fine though. The next thing he sees is a Fire Truck & and Ambulance pull up. (Truly, my hats off to the highway patrol and rescue people who keep us safe and respond to us in need. It must be a miserable job in severe weather.)

The firemen talk to¬†Tom, agree with him that the fire was out and¬†that he was safe to stay in the¬†vehicle.¬†They go back into the fire truck and just stay behind him… Pretty soon 4 highway patrol pull up and tell Tom that they had a report of a gun! (seriously, this is my husband’s luck… it would be hilarious if you didn’t have to live through it!) So they frisk Tom, search the vehicle, didn’t find anything, of course! Tom just said “do what you need to do!” It turns out that Tom had a flashlight sticking out of his briefcase. It has a black handle with a trigger style button to turn it on! They cleared him and the tow truck towed him back to a service center. He meets our hero who had his own visit from the police asking what he was doing sitting at a car dealership in the middle of the night!¬† As they are on their way back home, he discovers that he lost his phone in the tow truck! My poor sweet husband. So waiting to hear if his Excursion has any possibility¬†of¬†repair!


So this Vintage Expression of Love¬†features a beautiful rhinestone element¬†in a funky diamondy¬†pear shape (love makin’ up my own words!) It includes a plethora of vintage beads, a vintage button and crystal. It is whimsically wired and hangs on the funky chunky antiqued copper color 18″ chain ($89). Featured on the mannequin are two necklaces, the top one Whimsical Rose Pendant¬†is whimsically wired and features a turquoise color rose focal piece with wire wrapped around it and a funky little rolled wire effect at the top. This pendant hangs on the grungy gray funky chunky chain in 18″ length ($69) and the Fabulous Faith necklace with the blue turquoise elegant cross wired with a chunky turquoise crystal on the funky chunky chain in 24″ length¬†makes a great statement every time ($55).

Well, hope you are having a better hair day than I am! Batten down the hatches and have a great one! Kris

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Cherish Designs Jewelry Blog Giveaway

I am so excited to be offering my very first blog giveaway! All you have to do is leave a comment on my blog to be entered to win…

Here is more info:

I am feeling pretty generous…. Might have to give one of my rings away too!!!

Remember, there is more than one way to get entered! Also please leave a comment for each type of entry and please remember to leave your email address so that I may contact you!

Have a fabulous day! And thanks for spreading the word!


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Blog Giveaway on The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton

I am a new blogger, so I really am not good about grabbing things from other blogs, but I am going to try… I really need a blogging for dummies book.

Here is the link…¬† http://andrew-thornton.blogspot.com/2010/09/thursday-giveaway.html

Remember, go to his blog to leave your comments and enter to win!

And the content:

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Thursday Giveaway…

This week, one lucky winner will claim this stash of Chinese crystal beads. These sparkling treasures come courtesy of the fine folks at Auntie’s Beads. The assortment of beads include: a long strand of copper crystal rounds, a strand of copper-colored rondelles, a strand of aqua rondelles with an AB finish, a strand of light amethyst rondelles with an AB finish, two Subtle Sapphire Diamond rectangular pendants, and two Golden Shadow faceted coin pendants. With these glittering crystal components, it’s true that a little goes a long way ‚Äď BUT the great thing about these particular pieces is that they are an inexpensive alternative to other crystals on the market. Their refractive qualities are so impressive that I’ve even heard people refer to them humorously as “Chinovski Crystal Elements”. With these great prices, it’s easy to indulge your inner Diva and “bling” it out as much as you want without sacrificing your wallet. CLICK HERE to check out Auntie’s Beads full selection of Chinese crystal.

To win these Chinese crystal beads is easy! All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post WITH your favorite color of Chinese crystals from the Auntie’s Beads website. One lucky winner will be randomly selected from the comment section of this post on Monday (September 6th) at midnight EST. Anonymous comments won’t score this prize, so be sure to include your name and email address if it doesn’t already appear next to your comment. Don’t forget to include your favorite color of crystal to be eligible to win! This giveaway is open to all participants, including international readers.

Hope that works! To win, click on the link¬† to Andrew’s site and comment on Andrew’s blog! Have a great day!


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