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Blinging It Up!


My photos are not terrific here, but I wanted to show you the two necklaces that I customized for my friend Hilary…

Hilary found this gorgeous Lisa Peters flower that really looked cool with the vintage candle holder… We had a fun time chatting while I combined the two and it turned out so cute! Very apropos for Hilary… She has an amazing sense of color and design! She designs with fiber and fabric and has amazing repertoire of knowledge of many mediums!


The photos were taken on the table at the coffee shop… Not my normal background or lighting.

This next necklace we had a lot of fun adding an escutcheon, a gold filigree backing and blinging it up with a buncha more crystals to make a statement! So fitting for her dynamic personality!


Not sure if you will be able to see the incredible patina on the escutcheon… But it is so beautiful. In fact, it shines like her spirit! Hilary and I will be traveling to the Bead and Button show in June! We are going to have so much fun!


Well, back to work! Somehow my todo list grew! Better go tackle it!

I hope you are having a joyful weekend!
ūüôā Kris


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Happy Frostiness (an update) & a little bit of black-n-bling

Yesterday was one of my F – A – V – O – R – I –¬†T – E¬†¬† days to wake up.



Here is a photo I snapped

                   yesterday morning as

                                  dawn was breaking.

                                                              It makes me so Happy!!!

The most incredible paint job on the trees that you could ever hope to see.

Oh I wish I would have stayed home, kept my kids home from school and snapped some photos. What an opportunity I missed! Next time I will not hesitate to capture the beauty!

AN UPDATE:¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬†I am so excited… It is hard to fathom, I wonder if I am living a dream?¬† I am so thankful, blessed, excited, giddy, fluttery, flipping out and down right jumping out of my skin…

I am hoping I got all of the details right…

Tomorrow I am hand delivering the jewelry samples to the studio in Minneapolis. They will be hand carrying them to the corporate headquarters for a final presentation of the style boards to the executives of the company on December 16th.  They will presenting the full line with other artists included and it is at that time the final approval will be given where they sign off on all of the concepts.

The Holiday line for me currently includes a line of jewelry, ornaments and gifts, but I am told to be prepared for change because often throughout the creative process to manufacturing, the product line will change as it develops. Since I familiar with manufacturing and research and development, I am prepared for the change.

I will get a call or email after the meeting to find out the response from the executives and to find out that we have been given final approval! After that I will be contacted by the company to negotiate the contract. We will then be meeting for brainstorming sessions where we will come up with¬†more ideas for ornaments, gifts and jewelry. They will source products and manufacturers to provide samples and determine prices of the line. I am told it is a long process (it’s okay, I can be patient!). It sounds like the product line will be released in January 2012 at the wholesale gift shows where gift and retail stores place their holiday orders. At that time manufacturing begins and shipment of product is during the summer for the 2012 Holidays. Isn’t the process amazing and intriguing.

So one more step to get through, she said she doubts that there will be any changes after December 16th’s¬†meeting, so that will be a huge relief and we can breathe deeply!¬† Yahoooooiiiiiieeeeee!

I really needed to create something from scratch, so¬†I took a quick break from filling my orders and created this piece…

I couldn’t decide which was my favorite photo…

So I used all three of them.

I have orders to fill with for the holidays. I love making people happy. I really enjoyed working with these two photos. I am delivering the finished product tomorrow. I will have share finished product photos. But aren’t the cowboys cute?

I hope you are enjoying the hustle and bustle… I think I should probably get started with holiday shopping!

Enjoy the rest of your week! Kris

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