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The Birds are SINGING!!


I can hear the birds singing! And the sun is shining! It is a fabulous Minnesota day!


The bird in the necklace above is created with repurposed metal from a file cabinet… Love them!

And, you can buy this spring necklace here.


This happy bird necklace is also available in my Etsy shop, you can buy it here.

We are working on getting our family prepared for the week ahead. We have Keegan’s pre-op appointment on Wednesday and surgery on Thursday. Seeing your kids go through a journey like this is one of my hardest parental jobs… We know we are in good hands. We know we will get through this and thankfully he has a very high tolerance for pain.

I can’t recall if I shared that they will be operating on both ankles to remove the pins that they could not get to last year and they are removing the metal plate by his knee. So forgive me if I am absent, but I will try to keep you up to date.

The Bead soup reveal is on Saturday, so I will have that prepared to post in advance.



I am excited to announce that I will be a vendor at The Olde Depot JUNKtion in Brainerd, Mn. It is a fabulous new event and I am so excited about participating! You can find info here.
I hope you can join us!

I am going to keep on flying today! Trying to get all of my ducks in a row!

Happy flying! πŸ™‚ Kris

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Flying By…


Wow, the time is flying by… I must admit, this week must have been on fast forward.

Time seems to pass much more quickly when we are busy! This week was jam packed.

Last night we enjoyed the 6th & 7th grade school band & choir concerts. As Sawyer was waiting in the hall, he was asked by the Athletic Director to sing the National Anthem for the Varsity Basketball game. It worked out perfectly between concerts.

Today the girls have their fourth game of district playoffs. They are playing for second seed for Regional Playoffs and must win tonight and Sunday to advance. Saturday is their home volleyball tournament so it should be a fun weekend ahead.


I bought this big chunky bird charm at the Tucson Gem Show. I hand stamped the word fly on it and wired it up. I love the chunkiness of the bird.

I hope your days are flying past and each day brings joy and happiness to you!
πŸ™‚ Kris

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Time To Fly Hand Wired Nested Necklace


Time to fly.


Fly like the wind…

The pace has been a bit intense in our house lately… As you know from my recent posts…

Today is set up day for Craftstravaganza… I hope you can join us tomorrow. It promises to be an amazing show.

Yesterday also marked four weeks to the count down for the Bead and Button Show… The largest bead show I have ever attended. I am super excited to travel with my friend Hilary this year! I look forward to meeting other friends there and stock up on some supplies!

Last night was the end of Kya’s PAA softball. They finished strong with a win and my Chick-a-doodle pitching the final inning with a catch for the final out. She had such a great group of girls on her team.


Here she is batting at sunset… It was a beautiful evening with friends. They have the cutest chant at the end of their games… Win or lose and here is a pic of her team at the end where they throw their hats in the air…

Can you see their hats?


It is time to fly today! Have an amazing day! πŸ™‚ Kris


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Tweet. Tweet.


A spring-a-licious bird…


Tweet. Tweet.


There has been quite a bit of rain, so we haven’t heard many birds singing in the past couple of days. But spring is in the air with the excitement of Prom.

Yesterday was Senior Prom for my darling niece Bailey… It is incredibly hard to believe that she is graduating this year…

It seems like she was four years old, just a few years ago. She renamed herself Flower and Insisted that we call her Flower for about a year. It was awesome!

Last year for prom she had a beautiful princess dress. This year she decided to jazz it up a bit and be more unique… I got to take part in the prep by doing her eyes. She had a photo for me to work from… Her photo was using gold leaf, but she selected silver leaf. I had to do a little exploring to find a product that would keep the leaf on her skin… We found a body tattoo product for kids that you normally use with glitter…

She looked incredibly beautiful!

I am looking forward to sharing some pics from the photographer my sister had so you can see close ups. Here are a few snapshots.


I got a quick photo of them as they entered the school.


And here is a photo of them with my Chick-a-doodle.

I am gearing up for Craftstravaganza… Please join us next Saturday at the MN State Fairgrounds for a show filled with incredible talent.

I hope you can enjoy happy birds singing in the sunshine. πŸ™‚ Kris


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Springing Forward…


With great joy… In the early hours of the morning, spring dawns with daylight savings…

A happy occasion, dampened only slightly by the loss of an hour of sleep.

Quickly forgotten by the soulful singing of the birds on this gorgeous springy day.


Two whimsical spring birds have joined us on this happy day… The first bird, a bluesy bird, is springing along celebrating the fresh fun-filled flowers…
The second bird, a color splashed bird, celebrates the promise of raindrops with rainbows.

Our wish for you is simply to celebrate each day and treasure the news that spring is soon upon us.

πŸ™‚ Kris


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An O and I Affliction


This whimsical bird is ready for spring… She is bursting with color and is on a mission to spread joy and happiness… She sends hope and good spirits to you all.

I have to share my affliction with you…
I guess the first step is admitting it… I have an O and I Affliction. Have you heard of it? Do you have it too?

I generally blog from my iPhone, it is so much more convenient for me, especially since I take my photos with my phone. My affliction begins with the inability to hit the O with precision, as a result I end up with unwanted words with I’s in them.

To my kids and family I text: I live you. (well, at least it’s true, I live and love them!). However, I quickly get a respond that they live me too! Lol

Often I type
if rather than of
tii rather than too
hipe rather than hope.

Texting hockey updates, I texted something other than shot!

I was just curious if I am the only one affected. πŸ™‚

Sending you joy and happiness as you await the arrival of spring.



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It’s A Big World For A Little Bird


Today is one of those days that I wanted to take my three little birdies, and Daddy Bird and cozy up in our nest.

Sometimes it seems like such a big world out there… And they are growing up so fast…

I hope you find some time to spend with your birdies! have a great day!

πŸ™‚ Kris

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Brave Girls are Amazing Girls

I have so much to share with you from the past few days… I am going to have to break it up a little over the course of a few days…

The amazing thing about the Creative Connection is that with all of the incredible speakers and attendees, you never know who you are talking to next. Now, please don’t get me wrong, people are people and I value them all equally, but I have to confess that it was very hard not to get star struck!

I also have to admit that I am terrible at recognizing people! I am talking with the most delightful and beautiful woman (from the inside out, you know how you can tell this in people right?). And she is looking for a gift for her sister for her 40th birthday, I think she even had to tell me her sister’s name before I figured out who she was! (Duh!) πŸ™‚

It was Kathy Wilkins, Co-founder of Brave girls club, shopping for her sister Melody Ross’ birthday next month.

She picked up the necklace that I created with a nest & 3 eggs and the adorable bird dangling from it. She asked if I could add two eggs (Melody has 5 children) to the necklace and amazingly I had the broken vintage necklace with me so I could customize it for her!

Here it is in it’s finished state, customized for the Brave Girl’s!


Isn’t it perfect for Melody! Now we are about to come to the best part! It is the end of the day and Tom and the kids arrived to help me pack up. Kathy walks up to me and I get the necklace for her. Then suddenly Melody walks up and I hide the necklace, but Kathy decides to give it to her, right then and there in front of me. It was an amazing and emotional moment, the gift was mine to be a part of that sweet moment between sisters.

Melody loved the necklace and gave me a hug… My heart was filled with joy to be a part of that moment. Thank you Kathy and Melody for allowing me the privilege! Brave Girls Rock!

For more about the Brave Girl’s Club, visit bravegirlsclub.com. To see the before shot of the necklace, click here.

I will share more about my weekend adventures soon!


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Inspired To Create

I hope today finds you with joy in your heart as the seasons gently change from summer to fall.

Our weekend included a birthday celebration…

20110906-092437.jpg. Sawyer is now 12 years old and we celebrated with an ice-cream cake! Mmmmmmmm, Delish! I cannot believe that my kids are about to be 11, 12 & 13! Where has that time gone?

I had a creatively productive weekend as I pushed myself to meet my quota!

I have been humbled by your requests to purchase necklaces that I have shared with you… Thank you so much. I will list prices by my new jewelry that is for sale, just in case you are inspired to own one of my originals. πŸ™‚ I am grateful.

The necklace pictured above has amazing color tones from the vintage flower, I used other similar toned vintage beads to create a unique and funky necklace. ($89)


This necklace embodies sweetness and presents a beautiful presence of ribbon & pearls. ($79)


Oh my word, this necklace is a new favorite… The joy of ribbons, pearls, unique vintage beads, elements and wire… Reminds me of lilies of the valley, one of my favorite flowers. ($98)


This bird in a nest necklace is a lighter version of my nest using two different gauges of wire for a more textured look. The birdie is made out of a vintage serving tray. Crystals are embedded in the nest…You Can Fly! ($68)

Thanks for stopping by! Many more photos of new creations to come! Have a fabulous day! Kris

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