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Big, Bigger, Biggest.


The pace of the weekend continued after doing multiple loads of laundry (including washing 27 bath and beach towels… Yes quite a back up of laundry.) my kids have been doing laundry this summer and we have been severely behind all summer! We got Sawyer & Kya all packed up for Elk’s Camp.

We have been driving by an outdoor waterslide for years and I always wanted to take our family there, so yesterday morning we left early for camp & had a fun couple of hours relaxing in the sun!


You pay 10% of the temperature and it was 78 degrees, so it was $7.80 per person. It is quite an impressive structure!

They started big. Big was fast and fun.



Next they went bigger.


And finally they went biggest.


This one was impressive and intimidating!


It was so much fun… Tom and I enjoyed relaxing poolside… I created jewelry in the sunshine. A perfect couple of hours!


Then off to drop Sawyer and Kya at camp…

On the way home, Keegan wanted to look at the boats… He found the perfect size… A small Boston Whaler!


Now he just needs a job! 🙂

And finally home to more endless piles of laundry!

It was a very fun day! I hope you had an amazing weekend with many fun family memories! 🙂 Kris

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Big Not Heavy


This pair of earrings was created for a customer who purchased a necklace from me. I created the earrings to complement the necklace. She wanted them big. Sometimes it is a challenge to create them big but not heavy. I hope she enjoys them!

Super excited that my Mom and Dad and Miss Chick-a-doodle come home today…

Have a fantastic day!:-)

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