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Sweet Victory


Last night was the championship game for our local baseball team. Keegan’s team faced a team of his friends that had not lost a game all season. This team ten runned them earlier in the season ending the game before all of the innings had been played.

It really speaks to the strength of the underdog when Keegan’s team won the game moving on to first seed in districts, a very sweet victory! Secretly, I always root for the underdog!

A very sweet victory with the sun setting peacefully on another beautiful day.

I hope you enjoy your own sweet victories! πŸ™‚ Kris

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Weathered & Worn


Creating at the ball park again…


I totally love the weathered wood of the bleachers… Bleachers we sat on and cheered for Keegan 9 years ago when he started playing Tball. It’s awesome thinking about the parents and fans that have sat on the very same bleachers for years cheering on their children… Through cold, wind and sunburn.

It makes my heart happy to think about it…


Reflecting makes me wonder how much jewelry I have made over the years at various ball fields… It would be fun to have a visual. πŸ™‚


It is a beautiful place to be….


Especially when the score is 20-6… Can’t help but feel for the other team.

Have a peaceful day! πŸ™‚ Kris


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Five a Day…

I promised myself 5 a day… Despite everything else I have on my plate. I will create five necklaces a day so I have a full booth at Craftstravaganza on the 12th…


I enjoy creating at a higher pace… It is a great feeling to have that accomplishment and satisfaction…


Yesterday I got a little sideswiped by the weather. Keegan had a baseball game and I set up my work area which is a chair and my travel bag of jewelry supplies… I started creating.


It was a beautiful evening, but there were ominous dark clouds on the horizon…

Suddenly there was a downpour! And after a short time the rain let up.

We heard of a few tornados that were spotted about an hour away from us.

Keegan was having an amazing game… But thankfully the game was called. We settled in at home starting to make dinner and the sirens went off… Down to the basement we went.

It didn’t last long though and we were able to resume our evenings activities of homework and completing my Five a day!

Hope you have an amazing day! Kris πŸ™‚


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