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FUNtastic Times in Atlanta!


Americas Mart in Atlanta is a whirlwind. A dynamic, sensational hotbed of activity, business, networking and fun.

The escalator at Peachtree station is one of the longest escalators I have been on. Sorry for the blurry photo.

After some shopping, we hit the showrooms. Here we are at the Creative Co-op Showroom. It was Ellen’s first trip to AmericaMart!


My friend Mary has been to Atlanta & Dallas with me!

20130716-110940.jpg we have so many laughs and giggles.





It was so much fun connecting with FUNtastic Artist friends over drinks…


I am trying to catch up after my whirlwind week!



Have an amazing day!

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Rise & Shine!!


Five thirteen am and I am on the plane to Atlanta.

They are about to shut phone service down. See you on the other side!!

πŸ™‚ Have a FUNtastic day!


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Minnesota Brrrr…



I have landed, back home on the cold Minnesota soil. I cannot wait to see my family!

I am looking forward to giving you the full scoop of our events in Atlanta.

I am waiting for baggage claim and must warm up my vehicle. I will miss the 70 degree weather!

Enjoy your Sunday! πŸ™‚ Kris


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Amazing Atlanta

I have so much to tell you! I am sorry for being so absent. The Internet service at our hotel is non existent.


A quick photo of my non jewelry items in the Creative Coop Showroom.

Will be back with you soon!

Have a FUNtastic day!
πŸ™‚ Kris

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The preparation is on, I leave for Atlanta next week. I have swimming, hockey, play performances, archery, ski club and volleyball to coordinate. Next week is one of our busiest weeks of the year so it should be interesting!

It is true that I would rather be busy than bored though!

I was using my voice recorder on my phone to create this blog post. Sometimes it is faster than typing… Not today though. Here are the repeated missed spellings of a fairly simple word I repeated over and over trying to get it right!

Cowardin eight


Cool Loradind me

Cowardin eight

I finally typed it myself!


Sometimes it is easier to type it yourself. Righto!!

I am helping my sister in her flower shop again today… Mmmmm can taste the latte already!

Hope you have a great day!
πŸ™‚ Kris

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Atlanta Followup: Kris Lanae by Creative Co-op


A final view from Atlanta…


I learned so much on this trip to Atlanta. 20120717-070338.jpg

This photo was taken by Gina, one of the many sweet Creative Co-op reps and staff I had fun getting to meet! I wish I had my pic taken with her and some of the other great people I met! πŸ™‚

The gift show is an energy filled dynamic place. It is incredible to think of the volume of business that is written during this show.

Early in the day on Friday, I decided to do some gift shopping in the cash & carry section. I first stood in line at Starbucks (which is a testament to how necessary coffee is at a show like that… It generally takes about a half an hour to get through the line!) Midway through I decided to get two lattes, one warm & one iced… So i wouldn’t have to stand in line later. I then walked toward the building that I thought cash & carry was in (reminding you that the buildings are each about a city block in size.) after finding my way for about 10 minutes, I stopped to ask directions and was told the way. It turns out that I had walked in one large circle for 20 minutes and cash & carry was right by Starbucks! Lol!! A great lesson learned there!

Here are some shots of my angels… They turned out so well!




I had the amazing opportunity to lunch with Lori Siebert, Paula Joerling and Robin Davis. It was a fun opportunity to see this trio of friends giggle and chat about their morning. It was super sweet of them to include me. Lori and I met in Atlanta in January at the Demdaco/Silvestri Artist Mingle. She is a super sweet person and incredibly talented. All three of the women I had the opportunity to spend time with are accomplished artists… I hope you check out the links.

Later in the day, they invited me to meet with a larger group of artists that mingle for a while in one of the hotel lobbies. It was a fun chance to relax, meet new artists and reconnect with a few artists I met at the Creative Connection!

I was too exhausted to go to dinner, so I headed back to my hotel.


I took this photo as I stepped onto the sidewalk by my hotel… It was an incredible view of the Olympic Stadium, it is amazing to think it was 16 years ago that the Olympics were held in Atlanta!

I am thankful for the experience, the amazing companies I am aligned with, the new friendships and the dynamic people I have met.

Thanks for letting me share this experience with you! And thanks to my new subscribers to my blog and likes on Facebook! You guys are awesome!

I hope you have a fabulous day!
Kris πŸ™‚


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Atlanta Fun: Kris Lanae by Creative Co-op


I had six an a half hours of fabulous sleep and am laying here wide awake.

Atlanta is AMAZING. I wish you could join me. I wish you could experience the immensity… The amazing variety of products… and the shopping!

I have so many thoughts and emotions running through my mind. Meeting the buyers and reps is so much fun. I love to hear the feedback and ideas. I have a lot of respect for both parties, understanding the business perspective and challenges of a retail business and the the grueling and rewarding life of a representative.


I am fueled by creative energy and had fun creating this morning… sleep is overrated anyway!

Pictured are a few photos of my jewelry in the Embellish line of the Creative Co-op showroom.

The showroom colors are bright and a little different than Dallas. I love it.

I will share more photos soon!

Happy Friday! Have a terrific day!

πŸ™‚ Kris


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Enroute to Hotlanta


One-thirty am arrived in a flash… Quickly following my eleven pm bedtime… And especially crept up on me after the hour or two of sleep that I had Monday evening…

The good news is that I am confident I will sleep like a baby tonight which is sometimes challenging in a hotel!

However, I am a tad worried that I will fall asleep on the plane and present unladylike behavior like snoring or drooling. {gasp!}

I wanted to share a few photos from last weekend. We enjoyed a fun day at my SIL’s & BIL’s house on Saturday. We headed home right about dusk. Tom had washed his truck earlier in the day and the kids had an incredible time riding atv’s and motorcycles.


It is such a beautiful setting…


They have the coolest old barn.


I thought it was a perfect spot for a photo op! Sawyer was kind enough to test it out for me.


Love this photo of him.

As I was telling you, after some much needed family time, we left, enjoying the gorgeous evening skies.


Of course after the multiple layers of road dust, Tom’s truck was no longer clean. He decided it was time for a Hillbilly Carwash {his term, not mine}.


I must say, it was my first “intentional” blast from the irrigation system… He slowed down and waited for the full spray of the irrigation spraying across the road. It was amazing how well it worked. And the kids were grinning from ear to ear!

We had a beautiful gift of an amazing view after the car wash… What a fabulous time!


I hope you get to enjoy a beautiful sunset in the near future!

πŸ™‚ Kris


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An Amazing Whirlwind: Demdaco/Silvestri – Atlanta

I have returned home from Atlanta, it was a whirlwind trip… It felt like a dream and was filled with amazing moments.


I arrived at the Demdaco/Silvestri Showrooms as soon as I got there. I truly cannot tell you how amazingly well they reproduced my jewelry. This was the first time I was able to see the jewelry and gift line in real life other than an earring sample I saw at a visit with Angela in the Minneapolis showrooms. I am totally amazed!


The staff at Demdaco did an incredible job of displaying the products using cool bottles and distressed wood look and burlap similar to the style of my normal displays.


The Christmas tree is the coolest gold color and was a perfect backdrop to the ornaments in the collection. My favorite ornament is the one pictured above… It is glittered around the center with green glass and my wire work at the top. Combine with the other two ornaments and the hanging vase along with some other glass ornaments and silks from the Fantasea line, the tree was fabulous.


This is a close up of the larger ornament and the tree, I love the details, the mesh, and the colors.


The vignette of my jewelry in a distressed lantern was incredible.

The photo above is not the best photo, but shows all three ornaments in the line and the hanging vase.


Here are photos of the displays on the white shelf…

It was such an amazing feeling to see all of my design work in a completed line.



I am so excited about the wine bottle toppers, the detail is amazing and I can just imagine people gifting them as hostess gifts all over the world.


The votives looked great and the mermaid in the collection is so cool. The mermaid artist was not it Atlanta, hopefully I will meet her in Dallas next week.

So a little about my journey to Atlanta…

I was honored to meet some of the most amazing people…

I got a cute photo of Donna who owns Duck Duck Goose Gift Shop in Atlanta.

Here she is sporting one my necklaces… Doesn’t it look amazing on her?



I met buyers from all over the US and the Cayman Islands & Mexico. (the Cayman Islands is one of our favorite vacation spots before we had kids!) We hope to visit them some day in the future!

Another highlight was meeting some of the Demdaco/Silvestri reps. I must tell you that they are so amazing, gracious and hardworking. The show hours are grueling, and they work their tales off from 8 am until 10 pm for many days during the show. Thank you for all of your hard work! Having worked that side of other industries, I understand how challenging your job is! Thanks for all you do!

Special thanks to Ingrid, Angela and their amazing team for doing such a dynamic job with my work!

It was fun to meet some of the other artists as well, but I really have to run right now, so I will share more later!

Have an amazing day! πŸ™‚ Kris


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