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Black is the New Black


Black is the New Black, gotta love it!

I get these little tidbits of info when my photos are processing… This one surprised me!!! Really?


Doesn’t that amaze you? Makes me even more germ-a-phobic about touching the door handle!

Here is a photo of Sawyer & Kya cuddling with Putter (our Cat). So sweet!



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Vintage Love


My friend Cindy, who happens to be one of my best “finders” of vintage jewelry, brought this beauty to me in a little box. All of the large rhinestones and quite a few teeny tiny stones were laying dejected in the bottom of the box.

I knew it would be amazing if I could put it back together again!

It took me a significant amount of time… Glueing each delicate rhinestone in place… But it was so worth it.

The amazing look of this vintage pendant with renewed life… Coupled with the grungy dark wire feels so right.

I am quite amazed that I have made it to Day 29 of the AEDM Challenge. I am so appreciative of your comments and the fact that so many of you have liked, followed & subscribed!

I have a correction! My spunky, awesome, nose piercing Mom is only 67, not 68! πŸ™‚ Love you Mom!


I am not sure if you can see the wire flower layered over the black filigree. I think I like it because it is subtle.

Thanks for stopping by! Have an amazing day! Kris


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A Challenge & A Giveaway!!

Lorelei’s Blog: Jade Scott Enameled Flower Challenge. (AND A GIVEAWAY!)


Lorelei Eurto is a jewelry designer I have admired for quite some time. Our styles are different, she is a master at beading and I am always amazed by her sense of design and her unique ability to combine colors & textures.

Jade Scott creates amazing jewelry elements including the beautiful enameled flowers highlighted in this challenge. When I discovered that Lorelei was hosting this challenge, I was giddy with excitement.

I visited Jade’s Etsy shop to purchase a flower like Lorelei offered to participate in the challenge. My beautiful enameled flower arrived a few days later!


I sure wish I had a bouquet of them to work with! They are so dreamy!

I have to admit, I was kind of nervous, because I didn’t want to mess it up!

I started by wrapping the gorgeous enameled flower in 16 gauge steel wire.


I created two complementary wired flowers and designed an asymmetrical collar style necklace. I attached a gunmetal linked chain and toggle clasp.


As I finished the necklace, I thought it would be fun to give it away! So in the spirit of Thanksgiving… All you need to do is comment on this blog post to enter. Get an additional entry by liking my Facebook page, make sure you comment separately on this post that you liked me on facebook. πŸ™‚ (Sorry, US residents only). I will use the Random Number Generator to draw the winner. The Drawing will be held after 6pm Central on December 2nd and announced on Saturday 12/3/11.

Please visit the other blog hop participants below!
Here is a link list of the other participants, take a minute to peruse all of these talented ladies blog posts, be inspired!

2.Β Β Serena Trent
7. Gigi
And also:



I am also on Day 28 of Art Every Day of the Month (AEDM)… Click here for a full list of challengers!


Thanks so much for visiting… and I appreciate all of your comments… likes, follows and subscriptions! Have an amazing day! Kris πŸ™‚


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Holiday Market Fun


Had a great time at the Fireflyes Holiday Market Fundraiser. The fundraiser went toward the purchase of water filters.


Here are a few photos of my display…


I made some more jewelry during the slower times, just need to take some photos.


After the Market, it was fun to have a second thanksgiving with Tom’s family. Fantastic food, fun & games.

Well, here I go again… Nodding off, so I will update more later! πŸ™‚ Kris


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Are You Kidding Me????


We are on the way home from Keegan’s hockey game. It was a nail biter. My voice is hoarse from yelling & I don’t normally yell at the games other than an occasional “Go Stars”.

This game was brutal… And the ref-ing was pretty horrible. It was the first time I didn’t want my son to get on the ice.

There was one point where the opposing team had 4 players in the penalty box and only three on the bench.

One of our kids (13-15 year olds), was ganged up on by three players from the other team, one of the players was holding his stick and jabbing it in our boy’s back (which is illegal). Finally our player got ticked and threw a punch. It was a brawl 3-1… And our player was thrown out of the game. You have got to be kidding me!

I do not condone hitting at all, but it was frustrating to watch the refs just stand there.

The intensity of the game is controlled by the refs and what they allow. It was not a good scene.


Well enough ranting & raving! Earlier today, Tom made a huge batch of our traditional Thanksgiving Caramel Chex Mix. I promised to share the recipe with you! My cousin Mia shared this awesome recipe with me years ago!

6 – 8 cups Chex Mix (we use corn & rice)
2 cups pecans
1 cup butter
1 cup brown sugar

(we always make 6-8 batches)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place the Chex mix & pecans in a large bowl. Set aside.

Add the butter & brown sugar to a pan and melt stirring frequently. Slowly bring to a boil and allow to boil for two minutes while stirring. Pour the boiling mixture over the pecans/Chex mix with care. Stir well & spread on a baking sheet. Place in oven & bake stirring every 5 minutes for approximately 20-25 minutes. Cool & serve! You are going to be so popular!

(We usually make 6-8 batches at one time.)




I hope you enjoy the recipe! Have a fantastic Saturday! πŸ™‚ Kris


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A Day of Rest

Day 25 AEDM… Can’t believe I have not missed a day yet! There are a few posts I am not as proud of… Sleeping on the job and all… But it sure is a great feeling to have made it everyday so far!

Today was a very restful day. I made jewelry for most of the day…




Sawyer made us a breakfast of Brownie Muffins. I think it should be a new Thanksgiving Morn tradition! Yum, they were so good!


We had Thanksgiving dinner with my family this afternoon. My Mom showed me a picture of a note she wrote my Dad in the snow.


They recently celebrated 48 years of marriage. So cool!

Saturday we celebrate Thanksgiving Number 2 with Tom’s family.

I hope that your day was filled with family, fun & fantastic food!

Thank you so much for your comments, following me & liking me! I appreciate you spending your time with me!

πŸ™‚ Kris


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Finding My Grateful…

I generally have a very positive attitude.

This week it seems like life dragged me down more than usual.

I refuse to let this happen.

There is so much to be grateful for, that I will not let the lows in life affect who I am or how I face each day.

So if this week was challenging for you and you are having a hard time finding your grateful…

Maybe a list will help you…

1. My family brings me so much joy. I have such amazing kids… they are kind and caring… I often hear that they help others in school and that is such a core essential in today’s world. I am so grateful. I am even grateful for the five long years it took to have kids, because they were so worth the wait.

2. A Selfless Husband… I am so grateful to have an amazing husband. He continually puts us before himself. He is generous and kind and such a great role model for my kids. He is my biggest support.

We are so lucky to have an incredible family, our parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins and in-laws that we are about to celebrate our day with.

3. The Ability to Create…

I am so lucky to have a creative outlet. It helps me ground myself and brings me so much joy.

4. Friends and Support… I have so many incredible friends and such a terrific support system.To my friends who read my blog, help me find vintage jewelry, support and encourage me and my dear friends and clients who buy my jewelry. I am so grateful for all of you.

5. The Unexpected…

The unexpected moments in our life have such a way of bringing us joy and surprise… They keep us off guard and allow us to take a moment to embrace life. I have to share an unexpected moment from last weekend that I forgot to share. We are sitting at a hockey game and Keegan says… Did Grandma get her nose pierced? I said, I don’t know, why? Well because Bailey (my niece) just posted on facebook that Grandma got her nose pierced. My Mom and Dad just celebrated 48 years in marriage and to celebrate she got her nose pierced. LOL. That is my Mom, spunky! I love that she decided to do that.

6. You… I am grateful for you. I am so thankful that I have amazing visitors who compliment and admire my work. It feels like I am have a conversation with you sometimes. Thank you for being there for me, encouraging, complimenting and just being there!

I hope you have the most amazing Thanksgiving ever and I hope you can celebrate your grateful! πŸ™‚

Kris πŸ™‚


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Crash & Burn

Well, I literally crashed & burned last night… A combination of not feeling great, stress & exhaustion shut me down last night. I was sleeping like a baby at 8 pm and just woke up at 6am. 10 straight hours! Not sure when that happened last!

I really needed to rejuvenate body, mind & soul.



Here is Keegan, my goofball. He walked into the room with tinfoil on his teeth! UGH! Does that give anyone else the chills? I found out yesterday that his surgery is scheduled for December 21. He doesn’t want his friends to know yet. It will work out well for school & he should only miss 3 hockey games, it will be hard for him but we will make it through!

I have quite a few events coming up. A fundraiser for Firefleyes on Saturday from 10-3 in Sartell at the Boy Scout Building, my cuff class on December 1st at Bloom, & Tis the Season Boutique in December.


I made a wire flower ring pictured above. I think it needs a little bling tho.

πŸ™‚ Coming soon… My recipe for Caramel Chex Mix (originally from my cousin Mia)… I cannot show up at his family Thanksgiving without it!

I hope you have a terrific day today as you prep for an amazing day with family and friends tomorrow. πŸ™‚ Kris


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AEDM Show & Tell


Show & tell from this weekend…


I have been enjoying working with heavier gauge.


I was able to create despite a jam packed weekend.


I also am drawn to share some photos from the day.



Nature at work…


Have an amazing day. πŸ™‚ Kris


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Divide & Conquer


Brrr…. The day started off brisk.

I think someone was testing my ability to face a cold day without caffeine. When I woke up in the hotel room at 6am, I discovered only 4 packets of decaf coffee! No worries, we were on the road to the hockey arena by 6:45 & I knew there was a Starbucks in town from a previous visit. I googled it & we took off on a race for a coffee. We drove through the sleepy town and as we approached the cute little building, discovered with a SHOCK that it was DESERTED! My heart sunk to my toes…

Tears streaming down my face…

Just kidding, I was not that desperate! Almost, but not quite.

Off to hockey where despite my caffeine despondent state… The girls went on to win their 3rd game of the tournament.

Back to the hotel to swim & check out and finally the small local coffee shop opened and I was able to get a much needed latte, just before it was necessary to inject caffeine into my veins! Lol

As I was paying, I discovered this sign.

They had no idea how true it was! And whatever Karma I put out there, I am so sorry!

We rushed back for the final game of the tournament and the girls won their 4th game of the tournament and took first place!


Kya with the trophy and her medal.


The 12U Marshall Tournament champs, way to go River Lakes Stars!


And Sawyer & his friend were great fans! Love the elephant hat!


This was the first tournament in 4 years of hockey that my husband and I have had to divide and conquer. I missed having Tom & Keegan with us. 😦

I love this photo of Chickie and a few of her friends!


After the medals were awarded, we raced off to Keegan’s hockey game, the 6th hockey game of the weekend! We arrived to watch the 2nd half of the game. It was a tough game and the other team had amazing skills. It ended on a sour note with one of the other team members pushing the buttons of one of our Defense and he snapped and threw a punch. He was ejected from the game & benched for two more games. 😦 not a great ending!

I created more jewelry but didn’t get any photos, so will post them soon!

It was a peaceful and beautiful sight that traveled home with us…


I hope you have a peaceful day! πŸ™‚ Kris



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In The Thick of the Storm

Wow, it was quite a hectic week… Very little sleep and an overflowing schedule makes for a very tired Mama!

I was a little bit horrified when I woke up this morning because I fell asleep blogging at least 3 times last night and I could not remember what I posted. It was kind of like visiting one of my favorite blogs to see what the current post was! Wow, that is pretty bad, but I was convinced not to let AEDM beat me! Lol

Thankfully, I didn’t post anything embarrassing. I know you must be wondering if I was drinking, but I promise I wasn’t!

A few signs that the speed of your life is out of control.
1. You can’t recall what you blogged about 5 hours after you posted it.

2. You attend a parent meeting at the wrong hockey arena! ( yes, I admit it! )

3. You forget what your kids look like.

Okay well, I am guilty of 1 & 2, but I was saved by number 3! Whew, that was a close one!


We were in the thick of a snowstorm today! It sure made it feel like the holidays are approaching! I love snow!

Our weekend started with my son reading on Facebook that my Mom got her nose pierced! Leave it to my Mom! I wonder if she was the first 68 year old to get her nose pierced? She said she did it to celebrate 48 years of being married to my Dad! I know, she is one Rockin Grandma!

We had a hockey tournament in Marshall for Kya.( ok, I am back in this morning correcting my blog post from last night because I was falling asleep writing it again!)

Created some, art.

Had a lot of fun! Hope your weekend is awesome! πŸ™‚ Kris



Thanks for liking, following, subscribing, pinning, and as always, I really appreciate your comments!


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Few words to say

Another day with little to say, I’ll let my photos do the talking.



Lots of extra help making jewelry.

Putter, our cat was helping me a lot!



Fresh flowers from my sister!

Not too much to say, hope you have a great day! Kris


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Breaking Through The Atmosphere


Wow, it’s been a jam-packed few days… Full of hills and valleys. Yesterday my computer crashed, spinning out of control in a blue screened blur. I am not normally a brand basher, but this is my third computer (two letter word, starting with H and ending in P) that has crashed on me, never lasting more than 2 years. Incredibly frustrating. I had to buy another one, not exactly what I wanted to do right before Christmas.


So far, I am very happy with my new computer. I am not fully loaded yet, but will be shortly. The good news is that my BIL is sure that we can save my work! Wahoo!!

Here i am, working on the way to a history & physical appointment for Keegan.


Before: a gorgeous sunset greeted up this morning.


After: I love my Photo app.


And a Work of Art From Sawyer at Art Club… I must say, I am quite amazed at what he can do. You can see that he drew the earth, and in the background, a comet “breaking through Earth’s atmosphere”.

Celebrating Day 18 of AEDM! Thanks for liking, following & subscribing. And I truly appreciate your comments!

I hope your day is filled with moments of breaking through the atmosphere:

you can do it!

πŸ™‚ Kris



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Still Hanging On…


My Chickadoodle helped me to choose photos for my blog tonight.


She didn’t have perfect photos to choose from. I hope you are not tired of the wired flower photos…


The photo above is of a cuff I created with vintage buttons, wire, and funky elements.


And this cuff with some of my favorite vintage textured beads and wire.

We were driving away from the most incredible sight and i wanted to share the best photo I could capture…


And here is my Chicky, she selected this photo to share with you. πŸ™‚


Thanks so much for stopping by! I cannot believe it is Day 17 of AEDM. Still hanging on!

I appreciate so many amazing comments and I thank you so much for liking, following and subscribing! Have a great day! Kris


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Blogging from Bed


Love a clear rhinestone vintage element…


I am blogging from bed & my eyes are starting to droop.


My alarm is set for 3:45am, so I better let myself fall asleep.

Have a happy day!


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A Day To Ponder


A short post today, much to ponder. I am working on a new concept for Demdaco/Silvestri, so not much for jewelry today.



I will be back tomorrow in full force…


Wondering where your path will lead you today…

Hope it’s a fun journey! πŸ™‚ Kris


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The Old & The New Unite

It is an interesting blend… The old with the new. It’s a combination that brings me great joy in my design… Vintage elements revised and repurposed with a new trendy life.

So on this Sunday afternoon, I attend Sawyer’s Boy’s Choir concert.. We received very few details about the concert, one of about 40 concerts this year. It is called Sanctuary, his call time was 1:30 and the concert at 3:00pm.

It is held in The Great Hall at St. Johns University. As I wait for the concert to start, I enjoy browsing the program.


Sanctuary, A Celebration in Word, Image, and Song.

The old and the new struck me in this photo… A beautiful old setting… New technology… An interesting combination .


The Great Hall is amazing!


The incredible ceilings…


And the boys choir singing their first song…


It was a beautiful concert that celebrated the completion of the St. John’s Bible, mixing three choirs.

It did get a tad long and I so wish I could capture a photo of the front row of the 12-14 year old boys… Heavy heads resting on both hand, elbows to their knees, it almost made me laugh out loud, they are so adorable!

I promised to share some photos from the Muffin Tin Challenge…


I wish you could physically see this bracelet, the photo doesn’t do it justice.
It is one of my all time favorites.




I Hope you have a day filled with sunshine!
Kris πŸ™‚

Ps… I forgot to show you the stunning sunset as we were driving home!




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You Win Some & You Lose Some

Creative Every Day Month Day 13!!! This is my first month long challenge and I must say, I am enjoying it so much! I love everyone’s comment! I am enjoying being able to explore new blogs daily! And I enjoy the challenge of posting every day! I wonder if there is a December monthly blog challenge?

Yesterday, I gave myself the muffin tin challenge partially because I knew I would be on the road a lot this weekend and also because I wanted to participate in the last one… Here are two of the 8 pieces I created yesterday.

The first piece is a handmade wire flower centered on an amazing vintage rhinestone element. Very happy.


It has been fun to draw from one small container rather than pull from about 4-5 trays.

The second piece kind of replicates a wreath of wire with the most beautiful opalescent pearl oval vintage element. Love.


Both necklaces will be listed in my etsy shop shortly… http://www.cherishdesigns.etsy.com
Perfect for holiday gift giving!

We enjoyed two hockey games yesterday. My daughter Kya was moved up to the next level in hockey because they were low on numbers. She is the youngest on the team. I was amazed by the awesome team work by this group of girls. Kya played a new position & scored 2 goals ( which tied her record of two goals for the whole season last year).

The second game was Keegan’s game and they played a team that dominated them. Totally out skated them. I am proud of my son who had his first Bantam game (which was unnerving because most Bantams have hit their growth spurts and tower over a few of our bantams.) and kept his spirits up after getting crushed 0-9.

Hockey is so much like life, you win some & you lose some… And through it all it is important to keep a great attitude, through both experiences.

I forgot to remind you about my 15% off coupon in my etsy shop so I have extended the coupon through tomorrow. 11/15/11 Just enter the code!


If you would like to follow some of the amazing artists in the AEDM challenge, you can follow them here.

Remember if you enjoy what you see, like, follow or subscribe! Thanks so much for visiting today. πŸ™‚ Kris


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Muffin Tin Challenge

A while back, a group of jewelry makers had a muffin tin challenge… I wasn’t able to participate, but really wanted to. I decided on this weekend that I am going to have my own muffin tin challenge. I placed like objects that I am inspired to work with and took a couple of photos for you.


I just love my muffin tin…


I bought it, used and abused!

So my goal is to create at least a couple of pieces from each tin… Often I will grab my supplies and regret not having matching crystals or another element, so I took a little time planning. (I am normally not a planner, I am a free form creator! Lol (yes I made that up!))

Here is one of my first creations…


It is now dark in Minnesota early and it is too late to take photos with natural light… So here is my next best option:

I got a photo cube some time ago… So tonight I set it on a shelf by a double sconce light. My lighting should be a little brighter, but I am okay with the result.

Here is a peek:


And here is a shot a little further away.



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That’s a lot of Therapy

Yesterday’s post was a bit heavy, sorry. As I write, I rarely have a topic in mind, I just start writing.


As you can see, all of the jewelry pictured was made either at the doctors offices or on the two hour ride home.


Now you might think, that’s alot of jewelry.


Clearly, I needed A LOT of Creative Therapy!


When I have feelings of that are hard to deal with and out of my control, it helps so much to do something constructive.



I was creating with intention as well because a store just placed an order for a number of my wire flower necklaces.



Our son Sawyer came home from Art Club after school yesterday with the most awesome grin in his face and his work of art in his hands.


It’s a candle holder! I love it. He made it out of clay.

The detail amazes me for a 12 year old. We forgot to take a photo with the roof on, because we had the candle lit, but his roof was perfectly made with detailed shingles.

Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and comments for my son. I am sorry I did not share what MHE is, it is called Multiple Hereditary Exostosis… Which basically means multiple bone tumors that are hereditary. We did not realize it, but when we discovered his first one, we went through detailed testing and found that I have it, I have never noticed, but I have them in my toes.

They are non malignant and grow as he grows. It is a genetic defect that when the bone grows, it will grow a tumor at his growth plate. This causes some of his bones to grow at different rates and sometimes they bow. He has pain daily, especially in the morning, but he has a very high pain tolerance.

The big deal with the surgery is that
1. Needles are overwhelming to him because if all of the poking and prodding over 11 years. I mean really overwhelming.
2. Two surgeries ago he was supposed to be in the hospital overnight and had an infection that caused his hand to swell like I have never seen. They could not control his pain for a couple of days, it would spike out of control and he remembers it clearly. He was hospitalized for a week, and out of school for almost 6 weeks with a cast & no physical activity for 3 months. It makes it hard as a parent to reassure him that everything will be fine. πŸ™‚
3. He got a snowmobile for his birthday in June and he has been waiting patiently to ride it and he knows that a surgery will interfere with the number of days on his sled.
4. And then there’s hockey… he lives for hockey.

Okay, here I am being heavy again… I only intended on sharing what MHE is. Sorry.

I must say that each day our spirits are rising and we will face this with a great attitude and lots and lots of creative therapy!

Have a terrific day! πŸ™‚ Kris


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