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Live, Love, Junk Retreat: Register Today!


The Live, Love, Junk Retreat is rapidly approaching… and we would love you to join us!

Here is a glimpse of my blog post from last year that shows you a fantastic glimpse of the shopping and creativity of the vendors.

The Live, Love, Junk Retreat is centered around the Junk Bonanza held semiannually in Central Minnesota. The vintage junk shopping is an incredible experience and the event is filled with dynamic vintage finds and cool creations using junk.

The retreat includes your early bird ticket to shop the event (a must to beat the massive crowds and get first dibs on the best finds.) You will connect, giggle and enjoy the camaraderie of other junking queens, enjoy a Meet and Greet Party, Shuttle to and from the Junk Bonanza, A Funtastic BBQ, and a Restyle Workshop (I have some fun projects for the workshop! Hope you can join us!!)

Your registration also includes a Live, Love, Junk Market Bag with exclusive offers and discounts for the Retreat attendees from the Junk Bonanza attendees. Also enjoy a Friday evening Farewell Round Up Dinner and Bingo!

I am looking forward sharing this experience with all of you!

Remember, Save $20.00 by registering by August 1!!


Click here to register if you love junking, meeting new people, creating and meeting lifelong friends!

I hope you can join us!!
πŸ™‚ Kris

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Box of Treasures

I received the most amazing box of treasures from my sweet friend Rhonda! She deeply discounted her gorgeous treasures and filled the box to the rim with FUNtastic finds and vintage treasures!


Her presentation was amazing in this beautiful box! Love!


My heart pounds for pearls!


Floral fabulousness!!



I am so excited to create!


My wheels are spinning with ideas!



Rhonda, thank you for helping support my vintage key addiction!


My heart is overflowing with vintage happiness!


Can you believe I didn’t even get to the bottom?




I would love a spool of this vintage chain!! Wouldn’t it look cool layered with this necklace?


Have an amazingly awesome day! I know I will!
πŸ™‚ Kris


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Tours and Treasures


We got up bright and early to get Sawyer on his way for his boys choir tour up through Quebec & Montreal! They are going to have so much fun! For 12 days, I’ll be stalking the boys choir twitter feed for updates and at night reading their daily events via their blog.




It is incredible that the first week of school vacation has passed!

May you have a fantastic weekend & I hope the sun shines upon you!!
πŸ™‚ Kris

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Today is a day to regroup! The weekend was amazing. However I admit, I am feeling a little wiped out. I have been working on a few new ideas today and staying low key.


I am amazed that there are only a few more days of school left for my kids!!

Have a FUNtastic Tuesday!

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Kris Lanae Vintage Medley Necklace: 2007


Well I never did get a nap yesterday. I was so close! It just never happened.

I still have more hopping to do on the bead soup blog party, so if I have not visited your blog, I promise I will. I started at the bottom of the list and I am going backwards. If you are looking for my bead soup post, click here.

Today I have to finish preparing docs for our taxes… So. Much. Fun.

Yesterday as I was searching for some keys…


Keys just make me happy.

As I was searching, I discovered the necklace pictured. This was one of my first vintage medley necklaces (it was actually a bracelet and I made it into a necklace). It was the first time I created the large wire opening so I could wear a variety of chains with it; I am guessing it is from about 2007. Gosh, I look at it now and admit it looks a elementary.


After I posted my blog yesterday, I realized that I had just posted my 600th blog post! I cannot believe it! I can’t believe how long many if you have been on this journey with me. I just want to tell you how grateful I am fur your continued support!!

Well, I better get back to work! Have a marvelous day!
πŸ™‚ Kris


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Grandpa’s Keys Necklace

I am so excited to finally share this necklace with you today! I delivered it yesterday to Melissa and she was so patient with me while I searched for the right clasps and elements to incorporate into this unique and very personal necklace.


This necklace is unique in the very special memories it holds for Melissa of her Grandfather’s vintage keys, but also in that we created a very special family keepsake. In addition to that, I wanted her to be able to wear it in more than one way.


At the end of the chain, I added the jump rings spaced evenly within the chain. Each of the seven keys or charms can be their own pendant when worn separately on a single chain. Each pendant also has its own clasp to attach the pendant to the chain.

The necklace hangs in a different style depending on the spot that Melissa clasps it. The first photo shows the clasp attached to the last jump ring on the chain. The second photo shows the clasp attached to the third jumpring on the chain. See how it provides versatile looks?

On top of that, Melissa can customize the necklace with any charm. She could wear her two daughter’s charms for a light summer look with a Tshirt, or wear the entire set as a funk and funky design with a jean jacket or sweater.


I did some extra customizing on one of her Grandpa’s keys by hand stamping “to my heart” on the key, creating a “key to my heart” pendant. This really pulls the necklace together signifying her love for her family.


A few close ups of the details…


You can see the final photos on my dress form.



I also created some key earrings for Melissa… They are even cuter on her as they dangle perfectly for her hair length!


We had a few extra keys and so I created just a few more pendants.


I know you will understand when I tell you how much fun this was to deliver!


Thanks Melissa! It was a joy to create for you!!

Happy Spring everyone! Hopefully it will soon feel like spring! πŸ™‚ Kris


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Friday, Glorious Friday! & Private Sale Day

Slowly allowing my body to wake, each second becoming more aware that today is Friday, Glorious Friday.

In awe, I realize that after today my son will be a freshman… My kids will be in 9th, 7th, and 6th grade. 13, 12 and 11… It seems like only yesterday they were 1, 2 & 3… I spent the majority of my days changing diapers, reading books and taking naps. (yes, they were all three in diapers for a year together!)

Have I ever told you that at the time we lived in four rooms? There was only a shower, so giving them baths was always an adventure. My husband had the fantastic idea of filling up a bright blue kiddie pool with warm water one bucket at a time, in the middle of our kitchen floor. Bath time was an adventure. Squeals of laughter and splashing. A great side effect is that the floor got squeaky clean at the same time! Where did the time go?

Today is the last day of school, it was always one of my favorite days!


Today is also my Private Sale day! Yipppppeeeeeee!


I sent an email to everyone yesterday explaining the sale… So if you did not get an email, please send me an email this morning. ( If you are just finding out about it, I can accept email requests until about 11:00 today. The email will go out at noon!

20120601-060115.jpg thank you so much for your amazing response!!!

I hope your day is glorious! πŸ™‚ Kris

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Whimsical Flower Hand Wired Sky Blue Green Flower Necklace


I enjoy whimsical…
… Bright colors
… Dark vs. bright
… Sky blue green


I guess that might be why this necklace brings a smile to my face. The flower in the background is another flower made from an old file cabinet…

It is sure to add joy to any outfit!

Have a joy filled day my friends! πŸ™‚ Kris

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Contrast Makes Me Happy


The contrast of the white milk glass vintage beads and the dark wire really floats my boat…(sorry, my Mom use to use that phrase when I was a kid, it really makes me happy!). The vintage element in the center feels a little like it is floating.


Speaking of floating, a friend posted on Facebook, “I have an iboat and it’s syncing.” It totally cracked me up!

Today I ran a flower delivery to a neighboring town, and I took a quick half an hour to myself to browse.


I really could spend hours there, but usually only have a few moments.

While I adore their hardware selection…


I could spend even more time in the back yard…


It was a beautiful springalicious day. I stocked up on supplies for Live, Love Junk! Linda and I are going to have a fun sneak peek to some of the possibilities we can creat with fun and funky finds!


Have a fantastic day! πŸ™‚



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Livin’, Lovin’, Junkin’


It was a fabulous Friday. Other than a meeting with my artist friends in the morning being cancelled, my day was delightful.

I worked around home in the morning, ran to an Antique shop to prep for my video for Live Love Junk...


I forgot to take photos of my purchases, but you will see them when the video is complete!


I bought most of my junk from this bin…
It charges me up to work on a new project and I can’t wait to share it with you!

On my way to an appointment, my friend Cindy called with news that this sweet lady who sold me some vintage costume jewelry was in town. I got to meet her and pick up a large bag of jewelry.


For me, it is like Christmas morning to go through a bag of jewelry like this! I am still giddy!

And finished the evening on a date with my husband and friends. It has been months since we have had a night together!

Happy Saturday! I need to get to work! Have a fun filled day! πŸ™‚ Kris


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My Hearts Desire


Creating with wire and vintage elements brings so much light into my life. The feeling of selecting elements and working them into a necklace design with the thought of the joy and attention my design brings to the person who wears it is such am amazing feeling!

Thank you for allowing me to create to my hearts desire and always offering such positive comments and support.

Behind the scenes, some fun and life hanging opportunities are happening, I cannot wait to share with you!

Last night Sawyer had a concert with the Drake University choir. Sawyer had a singing and dancing part in a trio and it was so much fun to watch. Here he is, on the left.


The concert was amazing… A great performance by all of the choirs… And my favorite would have to be by Brochal Chords, an a Capella group from Drake. They are on tube here.

Thanks as always for subscribing, liking me on Facebook and your sweet comments! πŸ™‚ Have a FUNtastic day! Kris

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By the Light of the Sunrise


This gorgeous morning I was able to step outside and photograph this necklace by the light of the sunrise…
It is my favorite place to take photos, just outside our front door with natural light.

This gorgeous light…


This necklace was created with the beautiful vintage beads I discovered last weekend… Love the color combo and the crystals…

Hope you get to enjoy a sunrise in the near future! πŸ™‚ Kris

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Today is a Spring-a-licious day despite the fact that spring has not officially arrived…

Todays forecast predicts highs of 63 degrees Fahrenheit, unseasonably warm for Minnesota, but very welcome!

The funkadelic necklace above was created from a flower made from an old file cabinet… I wired a smaller flower and turned it into a pendant for a perfect spring day!

I promised to show you more of my loot from last weekends buying trip…


A bright and whimsical collection.


O-rings and crystals in bright happy colors…


A pair of seriously bright vintage earrings….

A vintage necklace and earrings…

A joyful collection of buttons… A girl can never have too many!


Love this selection of cuffs, chain and vintage silverware pendants!

And this super cool selection of vintage elements…
I hope you have enjoyed my tour, as you can see, I had three straight hours of shopping enjoyment.

I hope your day today is Spring-a-licious! πŸ™‚ Kris


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