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It All Started With…


Today I am revisiting a necklace that in my opinion started my journey into art licensing.

It was a year and a half ago, and I was at the first Creative Connection Event. I decided to be a vendor after my sister suggested it to me. ( I am forever grateful for her advice, inspiration and support!)


It was a 5 day event and I had so much help from my friends and family!

I remember meeting Angela… She was super sweet. She bought this necklace from me. ( Sorry, the photo quality is poor). She came back the second day and bought another one!

I was so honored. I received an email a week and a half later titled “I Love Your Jewelry!” it turns out she is in product development for Silvestri, a division of Demdaco. She asked if I was interested in licensing my work! She wasn’t sure at that point how it would all work, but she believed in my art.

It is such a great feeling to be supported in that way.

I am so thankful to work with two AMAZING licensing companies. Without Angela (and Demdaco/Silvestri) seeing something in my work and taking a chance on me, I would not be where I am today. I am so very grateful!

So you see, I believe It all started eith this necklace!

(We were very sad to hear that there will not be a Creative Connection 2012… But there is no time to be sad!!! My friend Linda has created an amazing retreat based around the Junk Bonanza) called Live, Love, Junk… I am honored to teach a class with her during the retreat! For more information and to register today (First 20 get a cool bag!), click here!

Have an amazing day!
๐Ÿ™‚ Kris


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Diva Craft Lounge Interview

I hesitate to share this with you…
This is a link to the interview with Danielle Forsgren from Diva Craft Lounge. She is an amazing interviewer and her show is viewed in 118 countries.

I have to tell you that I was honored by her excitement for my jewelry and my work. She kept coming back to visit with me and she sent numerous people to my booth after sporting a necklace that she purchased from me. She even told a publisher that I should write a book for them!

In her words, I am The Next Big Thing! How can you not be amazed by someone like Danielle Forsgren being so excited for you!

The reason that I hesitate to share it is because, quite honestly I look heavier than I feel! My good friend Janet shared that I look 20 pounds heavier in the interview than I do in person (Thanks Janet, you are so kind!). It is also hard to watch yourself on video, so I am a little self conscious! Good Inspiration to make better choices! No More spiced caramel apple beverages at my favorite coffee shop!

So I hope you have some time to watch this episode of Diva Craft Lounge!

Diva Craft Lounge

Thanks Girls of the Diva Craft Lounge, you are amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚ Kris


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Dynamic Duo – DIY Dish

When you meet the Dynamic Duo, Kim & Kris of The DIY Dish, a weekly Craft & Sewing Webshow, you have to do a double take! I had the honor to get to know them a little as they shopped in my booth at The Creative Connection.

I can tell you they are as much fun in person as they are on camera! They were a hoot trying on my jewelry before they taped 3 episodes at TCC.
Kris bought one of my favorite necklaces created with a vintage glass door knob with a wired nest and vintage element! What a blast to get to know them! They are kind, funny and full of giggles! You can check out their website here.

(PLEASE NOTE: The image above is from the DIY Dish website…, photo credit to Brooke Snow)

20110921-091700.jpgย As I unwind a little from TCC and I move onto a couple of wholesale orders and an order for a crown, I am filled with gratitude for this journey. I could not have asked for more from a weekend… I do have more to share with you, but it will come in time as I work to balance my commitments. I leave you with some photos of my drive to work today… Who knew cloudy skies could be so beautiful!



20110921-102430.jpg May your cloudy skies bring beauty to your life.
Kris Lanae ๐Ÿ™‚


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Brave Girls are Amazing Girls

I have so much to share with you from the past few days… I am going to have to break it up a little over the course of a few days…

The amazing thing about the Creative Connection is that with all of the incredible speakers and attendees, you never know who you are talking to next. Now, please don’t get me wrong, people are people and I value them all equally, but I have to confess that it was very hard not to get star struck!

I also have to admit that I am terrible at recognizing people! I am talking with the most delightful and beautiful woman (from the inside out, you know how you can tell this in people right?). And she is looking for a gift for her sister for her 40th birthday, I think she even had to tell me her sister’s name before I figured out who she was! (Duh!) ๐Ÿ™‚

It was Kathy Wilkins, Co-founder of Brave girls club, shopping for her sister Melody Ross’ birthday next month.

She picked up the necklace that I created with a nest & 3 eggs and the adorable bird dangling from it. She asked if I could add two eggs (Melody has 5 children) to the necklace and amazingly I had the broken vintage necklace with me so I could customize it for her!

Here it is in it’s finished state, customized for the Brave Girl’s!


Isn’t it perfect for Melody! Now we are about to come to the best part! It is the end of the day and Tom and the kids arrived to help me pack up. Kathy walks up to me and I get the necklace for her. Then suddenly Melody walks up and I hide the necklace, but Kathy decides to give it to her, right then and there in front of me. It was an amazing and emotional moment, the gift was mine to be a part of that sweet moment between sisters.

Melody loved the necklace and gave me a hug… My heart was filled with joy to be a part of that moment. Thank you Kathy and Melody for allowing me the privilege! Brave Girls Rock!

For more about the Brave Girl’s Club, visit To see the before shot of the necklace, click here.

I will share more about my weekend adventures soon!


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