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Live, Love, Junk Retreat: Register Today!


The Live, Love, Junk Retreat is rapidly approaching… and we would love you to join us!

Here is a glimpse of my blog post from last year that shows you a fantastic glimpse of the shopping and creativity of the vendors.

The Live, Love, Junk Retreat is centered around the Junk Bonanza held semiannually in Central Minnesota. The vintage junk shopping is an incredible experience and the event is filled with dynamic vintage finds and cool creations using junk.

The retreat includes your early bird ticket to shop the event (a must to beat the massive crowds and get first dibs on the best finds.) You will connect, giggle and enjoy the camaraderie of other junking queens, enjoy a Meet and Greet Party, Shuttle to and from the Junk Bonanza, A Funtastic BBQ, and a Restyle Workshop (I have some fun projects for the workshop! Hope you can join us!!)

Your registration also includes a Live, Love, Junk Market Bag with exclusive offers and discounts for the Retreat attendees from the Junk Bonanza attendees. Also enjoy a Friday evening Farewell Round Up Dinner and Bingo!

I am looking forward sharing this experience with all of you!

Remember, Save $20.00 by registering by August 1!!


Click here to register if you love junking, meeting new people, creating and meeting lifelong friends!

I hope you can join us!!
馃檪 Kris

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Designs Are Brewing!


I had a blast creating last night…

Sometimes designs just happen without too much thought. That happened for me last night. Love!


It was my first chance to create with treasures from the Live, Love, JUNK retreat and the Junk Bonanza & now I am wishing I had bought more measuring tape! The designs are brewing!

The ribbon was another find from a vendor at the Junk Bonanza…


Oh yes, and the clipboard was a new treasure! I love it! Love it with my old book paper as a background!

Enjoy and have a fabulous Tuesday!

馃檪 Kris


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Junk Bonanza Love & Lovin’ Tomatoes


I can’t believe that I still have more Junk Bonanza photos that I have not shared!


Love the mirrors.

The bird was one of my favorite things… 20120920-071822.jpg20120920-092356.jpg


In an effort to share every delectable moment with you, I might have overdone it on the photos!

All these photos make me want to rewind and shop again!


I have been meaning to show you my treasures for days… I finally took a quick snapshot. As you can see, I was successful in trying to refrain from buying large items! 馃檪


And to finish off today’s post! Yesterday was the Farmer’s Market in our small town and after yesterday’s blog post, I was craving home grown tomatoes. I only had $10 cash and I asked Sawyer and Kya to buy at least 6 tomatoes & then they could buy whatever else they wanted. There were only a few booths set up because it was a very windy and blustery day. The kind that feels like you are getting hit by a sandblaster!

As I see Sawyer and Kya walking back to the car, I see Sawyer carrying a large flat box.

As they approached, I could see bright red tomatoes… And a Ginormous smile on his face! Apparently they would not split up the tomatoes, so he paid $5 of his own money and bought us 42 of our very own tomatoes…

My children are such a gift! 馃檪
We are lovin’ tomatoes today!

Have a fabulous day! 馃檪 Kris


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Gorgeous Fall Day

Running a little late today!


Live, Love, JUNK and the Junk Bonanza was amazing. The friendships cultivated were meaningful and the lessons learned will last a lifetime.


I have so many more photos to share with you! Will share soon!

Happy Gorgeous fall day!

馃檪 Kris


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Junk Bonanza Style!


I do! Junk Bonanza Style!


The story of the amazing dress forms that I fell a little bit in love with yesterday was so much fun to hear. The vendor walked into the attic of a house…

And all six were lined up in a row. Clearly they are sisters… She felt it was wrong to separate them and sold them as a family. I love that they get to stay together! They were quite a ways out of my price range! 馃檪

Lovin’ Letters!!

20120915-064535.jpg Sweet Aprons!

Even sweeter friends!


LOVE old metal stuff!




Posh, Very Posh!


Made me smile from the Vintage Pixie!


Our class was last night. It was so much fun to create with an incredible group of women. More photos to come, but now I must start preparing for the day!

Have a fantabulous Friday! 馃檪 Kris



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Live, Love, JUNKIN’ Queens


Once again, the Junk Bonanza exceeded my expectations! Many in our group attended for the first time and it brought me such joy to see the sheer awe in their faces!

We intentionally arrived a few minutes after the doors opened to avoid the long lines and major rush into the building!

The morning could not have been more beautiful!


The creativity was amazing! Inspiring!



We felt so welcomed…


And loved!


We saw these strands of buttons that brought me back to a creative project my Mom made when I was a child… She had a button collection and she strung thousands of buttons and hung them in the doorway. The strands looked just like hers! My friend Janet bought a strand! Super cool!


Each booth had such variety!


One of my favorite art finds of the day was this booth…


Love their work…


A sweet fish…



This might have been my favorite!



And a super sweet picture of my sister and my brother in law Robin… He was a dream making trips to the car!

And if only you could see the piles of loot that the live, love, JUNKIN’ queens brought home! You would be amazed!
More tomorrow! Have a great day! Wish you were here with us! 馃槮

馃檪 Kris


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Scary Fun With Crazy Friends!


Oh what a day! A joyful morning preparing for school with my kids…

On to a couple of quick junking stops in Buffalo…

Fast forwarding to a relatively quick stop at the Mall of America… I breezed over to our hotel to meet up with Linda and then a great dinner.


There were many photos to be had…

It took three tries, but I finally got both of us in the frame.

<a href=””>

So much fun!

Always Love, love, love the Buffalo Nickle…


Including the floor!



Scary Fun!
There was no time to rest… We had to keep moving!


Today is the first day of Live, Love, JUNK! Will share more later!

I hope you have Scary Fun with your Crazy Friends!! 馃檪 Kris


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ALERT: Junkin’ Journey Ahead


Preparing for Live, Love, Junk!

Every day is going to be such a gift this week… I am so excited to be seeing dear friends and meeting new ones as we embark on this junkin’ journey!

I promise to try to continue to blog this week and share in our junking’ journey and tales from the Junk Bonanza. We sure wish you could join us! it is not too late if your plans have changed!!

馃檪 Kris


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Accomplishment & Anticipation


Today I wake up with a feeling of accomplishment and anticipation.
Accomplishment for the weekend past, we worked hard and played hard.

Anticipation for the week ahead! We eagerly await my friend Janet’s arrival from California on Tuesday, Linda from Wisconsin on Wednesday and my friend Debbie’s arrival from Dallas on Thursday!

A few last minute details and packing tonight!

Hope you have an amazing day today! 馃檪 Kris

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Nose to the Grindstone…


Live, Love, JUNK is rapidly approaching and I am so excited. Excited about spending fantastic time with friends, meeting new friends, shopping the Junk Bonanza and creating with junk in our class.

Today will be nose to the grindstone prepping, packing and getting all of my ducks in a row.

It’s not too late to join us! 馃檪

Have a great day! 馃檪 Kris

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Live, Love, JUNK! Excitement!


I am getting so excited for Live, Love, JUNK! & the Junk Bonanza! We are only a few weeks away and finalizing some fun details!

It is going to be filled with fun junking, shopping, creating & connecting.

Best of all, Linda has mixed it up and offered passes for those who are unable to attend for the entire time!

You can now register for the CLASS PASS!

THE CLASS PASS INCLUDES: the opportunity to create with a fun group of women! Have fun creating with your junking finds, tips, tricks, wire work and mixed media. We are so excited to offer this option! Click here to register for the Class Pass.

The full retreat includes:
路 Early Bird Ticket to the Junk Bonanza
路 Reserved block of rooms at AmericInn right next to Caterbury Park at only $85 per night
路 COMPLIMENTARY shuttle service to and from the Bonanza every day
路 Meet & Greet with Wine and Appetizers Thursday evening
路 Complimentary breakfast each day provided by AmericInn
路 Show & Tell your Treasures and Live, Love, JUNK class taught Friday evening by yours truly)
路 Dinner and field trip to a mystery local shop via Limo!
路 Shipping store resources to get your goods home safely.
& Free Live, Love, JUNK! canvas tote to the first 20 people that register. There are a few more spots available for the full retreat, click here to register!



Junk Bonanza admission ticket for Friday and Saturday
Private shuttle to and from the Bonanza Friday and Saturday
Friday night Live, Love, JUNK!
Saturday Mystery Shopping and Dinner via Limo! Click here to join us!

We hope you can join us for some or part of the retreat!

Good news on my shoulder yesterday! It’s only a sprain! So thankful that I have not done permanent damage! 馃檪

Hope you have a happy day!
馃檪 Kris


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And The Winner Is…

Today is the day!!!

Yippeeeeee Skipppeeeee! I am so excited to announce the giveaway winner!

The winner has won a selection of my jewelry from my line: Kris Lanae by Creative Coop.




But before I spill the beans… I decided to have a surprise sale today!! So if you are not on my email list, email me at to be added.

I am super excited to announce the winner of my Giveaway…


Comment Number 8!!!


Congratulations Valarie!!!! Please email me your address and your goodies will be mailed to you.

Thank you everyone for your incredibly sweet comments! I wish everyone could win!

I love giveaways… So keep stopping by to find out the next one!



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Dreamin’ of the Junk Bonanza & A GIVEAWAY!!

Today I am dreaming’ of the junk bonanza… I can feel the excitement building… The sheer joy of junking in three HUGE protected buildings at Canterbury Downs… The incredible talent and inspiration on display… The unexpected and extraordinary!

I am so excited… That I think it’s time for a giveaway!!! Please keep reading for more details!! (I’m sorry! Thanks for all of the amazing comments, the giveaway is over!) The winner is posted here.

Is it your dream to attend Junk Bonanza? What is your hesitation? Do the early bird tickets give you that wishful longing feeling? Have you wanted to attend a dynamic junking event in the past, but it just hasn’t worked out yet?

Are these questions racing through your mind? I desperately want to, but I don’t have anyone to attend with. I am not sure where to go, what to do? I live out of state and want to shop but, but I know I can’t fit my items in my carryon?

Well, my friend Linda can provide you with a DREAM experience to Junk Bonanza & solve all of your concerns!


Linda has created a retreat out of attending Junk Bonanza called Live, Love, Junk! Where junking meets art, retreat style!

The event is 6 weeks away and I would like to help spread the word! We want to help every person who has a dream to attend, be a part of the retreat!


We would love you to join us… And the dynamic people that have already registered! ( I have to tell you, if you have never attended a retreat, I strongly encourage you to attend… There is no better way to make lifelong friends!) Hurry, before it’s too late!

This early bird ticket could be yours!
Click here to learn more about Live, Love, Junk and to register!

(Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that I will be teaching a class at this retreat!! So we are going to have a blast repurposing our treasures!)

For the giveaway, all you need to do to enter to win is to leave a comment on this blog post!

To earn extra chances to win, we would love for you to share this giveaway and info about Live, Love Junk. You can mention with a link, share, reblog, pin & tweet!! But please be sure to leave an additional comment (on this blog post only) for every share! The winner will be chosen using the random number generator! (btw, I will not reply to comments on this post because it skews the numbers for the giveaway.)

What can you win??? Well, the other day, the FedEx man delivered my entire jewelry collection with Creative Co-op and I am sooooooo excited to share some of it with you!!

I am giving away two necklaces (’cause I am all about layering!), a pair of earrings and a ring to one of you, my awesome lucky friends!

Here are pics of the necklaces:


And the earrings & ring!


I will be announcing the winner two weeks from today on August 14th, 2012!!

Remember to subscribe via email to my blog for the quickest delivery of my blog posts (to see if you won!)! Or like my page in Facebook, and follow me on Twitter and Pinterest!

I cannot complete this post without telling my husband Tom, Happy 19th Anniversary! I cannot believe it has been 19 years with such an amazing, selfless, incredible husband and father! We are going on a rare date tonight and I can’t wait!

Have an amazing day!
馃檪 Kris


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Sweet Victory


Last night was the championship game for our local baseball team. Keegan’s team faced a team of his friends that had not lost a game all season. This team ten runned them earlier in the season ending the game before all of the innings had been played.

It really speaks to the strength of the underdog when Keegan’s team won the game moving on to first seed in districts, a very sweet victory! Secretly, I always root for the underdog!

A very sweet victory with the sun setting peacefully on another beautiful day.

I hope you enjoy your own sweet victories! 馃檪 Kris

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Contrast Makes Me Happy


The contrast of the white milk glass vintage beads and the dark wire really floats my boat…(sorry, my Mom use to use that phrase when I was a kid, it really makes me happy!). The vintage element in the center feels a little like it is floating.


Speaking of floating, a friend posted on Facebook, “I have an iboat and it’s syncing.” It totally cracked me up!

Today I ran a flower delivery to a neighboring town, and I took a quick half an hour to myself to browse.


I really could spend hours there, but usually only have a few moments.

While I adore their hardware selection…


I could spend even more time in the back yard…


It was a beautiful springalicious day. I stocked up on supplies for Live, Love Junk! Linda and I are going to have a fun sneak peek to some of the possibilities we can creat with fun and funky finds!


Have a fantastic day! 馃檪



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Happy May Day! & Creatives Retreat Classes

Happy May Day! I always loved May Day as a child and I have to tell you, my excitement today brings me right back to the joy and anticipation of May Day!

Today the Creatives Retreat Website goes live and I am excited to share the rest of the classes I will be teaching at the retreat.

鈥楥ause Every Girl Needs A Crown by Kris Lanae

Create the crown you have always deserved using vintage elements, sparkly crystals and trendy wire.

Visit here for more information on the class and visit Live, Laugh, Love Retreats for more info on the retreat.

Lovin鈥櫬燙uff Addiction by Kris Lanae

Unite the joy of vintage buttons, tattered elements, sparkly crystals and trendy wire to develop your own cuff addiction.

Visit here more information on the class and visit聽Live, Laugh, Love Retreats for more info on the retreat.

Jewelry Junkie Joy by Kris Lanae

Embrace your inner jewelry junkie by learning to create fun and funky chunky rings.聽

Visit here for more information on the class and visit聽Live, Laugh, Love Retreats for more info on the retreat.

And Finally, the fourth class I shared with you a few days ago.

Celebrate Vintage Love by Kris Lanae

Celebrate the vintage past by learning to combine vintage elements with annealed steel wire to re-trend them into new and funky statement pieces.

Click here for more information on the class and visit聽Live, Laugh, Love Retreats for more info on the retreat.

I also have a link on my sidebar for Live, Love, Junk!

I hope you have a Happy May Day!

馃檪 Kris


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Messy Workshop Blog Hop!

Okay, can you believe I am doing this? I am very excited to be a part of Brenda’s Messy Workshop Blog Hop…

I am a bit nervous about sharing my messes with you!Celebrate Vintage Love Class by Kris Lanae at Creatives Celebrating Sisterhood

More in a moment, but I am also excited to share one of the four classes that I will be teaching at the Creatives Celebrating Sisterhood Retreat. More class info coming soon!

This class is called Celebrate Vintage Love.

Celebrate the vintage past by learning
to combine vintage elements with
annealed steel wire to re-trend them into
new and funky statement pieces.

In this class you will learn the unique style and technique of Kris Lanae
Binsfeld, licensed designer with Creative Co-op & Demdaco and lover of all
things wire, vintage and lace. This self-taught designer will teach you how
to create this unique necklace design, to create a wire base for your design
and build upon the base. She will share the joy of incorporating vintage
elements and teach you how to swirl and twirl until your heart鈥檚 content.

Registration opens May 1 at Live, Laugh, Love Retreats. The retreat will be held April 17-19, 2013 in Geneva, Wisconsin. I truly hope you can join us. You will find a variety of excellent classes by fabulous instructors on current artistic medias.

From Live, Laugh, Love retreats:

If your heart skips a beat when you come across new, creative ideas and projects?

If you love to sit with a good magazine and soak in all of the colorful beauty and inspiration?

If you appreciate the process and meaning behind a well-constructed, handmade gift or product?

If you enjoy opening your mind and exploring different forms of inspiration?

We provide an opportunity for you to share all of this yumminess with others just like you!


It is a little intimidating letting you see some of the messes I create…

I have never been good at being neat…

You know… Creativity is Messy

and I am

veeeeeery creative! LOL


Confession number one: a majority of my time creating is propped up with 4-5 pillows on my bed. I know, it sounds strange but it is the most comfortable place for me. The photo above is from my chain making session about a week ago. See my wrinkled sheets? That’s because I probably pulled the corner if the sheet off and didn’t want to move everything to fix it! Yup Messy!


Oh yeah… I forgot I started the process on the kitchen counter and then hopped to the bedroom! Lol


I actually did organize my chain afterward though! I could use a few more little wooden shelves like this though!


The above photo was after a particularly creative day… Whew, that’s a mess! I have to admit it is kind of normal!


Sometimes I have a great helper… This is Putter, holding my bead container…

Confession Number Two: So you ask, Where DO Women Create?


Are you sure you want to know?

Well, in the past years I have created in some pretty unique places… In bed, at baseball, softball and hockey games, at swim meets, in the car, at the beach, at the state fair, in a hospital room, in the yard, in hotel rooms, by the pool, at a coffee shop, at the doctor’s office, on an airplane, at craft shows and sometimes when my roomies are sleeping, quietly in a hotel bathroom! I am so thankful that I have craft & will travel!


This is me creating at the state fair while my kids rode the rides! Boy was that a beautiful hot summer day!


My husband Tom even helps me, he’s my chain gang!

20120425-194454.jpgConfession Number Three: I left the room dark while I took this photo so you don’t see toooooo much mess! Sorry, I just couldn’t bare my entire soul! I truly did think about sharing my raging dust bunnies and my failure to keep an impeccable house! Ha! But it was only for a moment, because I subscribe to the thought that I would rather be a fantastic Mom than a fantastic housekeeper! And seeing as I am constantly running from work, to school, to activities, and then creating in every spare moment, my house is the first to go!

Thanks so much for hopping with us! Feel free to Like my Facebook page, Subscribe to my blog, or Follow me on Twitter or Pinterest.


Here are the Messy Workshop Blog Hop Links:

Our Fabulous Host: Brenda Sue Lansdowne, B’sue Boutiques (Thank You Brenda!)

Robin Delargy, LooLoo’s Box

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Mary Deis

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Lee Koopman

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Susan Lloyd

Cynthia Wainscott

Stephanie Amanti

Alicia Marinache

Sam Hamp

Lennis Carrier

I have been feeling a little guilty for not showing more of my mess, so I am adding a couple of messier photos!

This is my messiest shelf, right above my stacks of containers is my dumping pile…


I think someone would have a hay day sorting through it, but I never get to it, I just keep adding to it.

This is another tray right beside it on the same shelf…


I was also going to line up my “to go” bags and take a picture of them. I have supplies in about 5 or 6 bags or purses… Ready to grab, I just have a pouch with my main tools in to add to it… A little excessive and it often causes me to search for a particular item, that I know I have!


Thanks so much for hopping with us! Kris 馃檪


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Hot vs. Cold


Pictured are more photos of some of the jewelry I made for Sarurday night…

I wore the top pendant with a long chain and the rest of the chains layered choker style with the necklace I posted yesterday.

Kicking myself for not taking a photo!

It was a big day yesterday! I finalized my docs for my classes that were due, created some fun stuff with my junkin’ finds for Live, Loce, Junk. I did not get the video done. I am feeling nervous about it! I am just about ready to try it!

Little Chickie had a muffin fix this weekend. She was craving chocolate chip muffins.


She made a batch Saturday and on Sunday.


She learned the difference between using hot vs. cold water in the mix (1st pic) and hot water (2nd pic). The chocolate chips melted immediately in the hot! 馃檪

It was a joint mistake, I had just used the hot water and she never tested it! The muffins made with the cold water were much tastier!

May Monday be kind to you as you ease into the start of a new week!
馃檪 Kris

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Livin’, Lovin’, Junkin’


It was a fabulous Friday. Other than a meeting with my artist friends in the morning being cancelled, my day was delightful.

I worked around home in the morning, ran to an Antique shop to prep for my video for Live Love Junk...


I forgot to take photos of my purchases, but you will see them when the video is complete!


I bought most of my junk from this bin…
It charges me up to work on a new project and I can’t wait to share it with you!

On my way to an appointment, my friend Cindy called with news that this sweet lady who sold me some vintage costume jewelry was in town. I got to meet her and pick up a large bag of jewelry.


For me, it is like Christmas morning to go through a bag of jewelry like this! I am still giddy!

And finished the evening on a date with my husband and friends. It has been months since we have had a night together!

Happy Saturday! I need to get to work! Have a fun filled day! 馃檪 Kris


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It All Started With…


Today I am revisiting a necklace that in my opinion started my journey into art licensing.

It was a year and a half ago, and I was at the first Creative Connection Event. I decided to be a vendor after my sister suggested it to me. ( I am forever grateful for her advice, inspiration and support!)


It was a 5 day event and I had so much help from my friends and family!

I remember meeting Angela… She was super sweet. She bought this necklace from me. ( Sorry, the photo quality is poor). She came back the second day and bought another one!

I was so honored. I received an email a week and a half later titled “I Love Your Jewelry!” it turns out she is in product development for Silvestri, a division of Demdaco. She asked if I was interested in licensing my work! She wasn’t sure at that point how it would all work, but she believed in my art.

It is such a great feeling to be supported in that way.

I am so thankful to work with two AMAZING licensing companies. Without Angela (and Demdaco/Silvestri) seeing something in my work and taking a chance on me, I would not be where I am today. I am so very grateful!

So you see, I believe It all started eith this necklace!

(We were very sad to hear that there will not be a Creative Connection 2012… But there is no time to be sad!!! My friend Linda has created an amazing retreat based around the Junk Bonanza) called Live, Love, Junk… I am honored to teach a class with her during the retreat! For more information and to register today (First 20 get a cool bag!), click here!

Have an amazing day!
馃檪 Kris


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