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FUNtastic Times in Atlanta!


Americas Mart in Atlanta is a whirlwind. A dynamic, sensational hotbed of activity, business, networking and fun.

The escalator at Peachtree station is one of the longest escalators I have been on. Sorry for the blurry photo.

After some shopping, we hit the showrooms. Here we are at the Creative Co-op Showroom. It was Ellen’s first trip to AmericaMart!


My friend Mary has been to Atlanta & Dallas with me!

20130716-110940.jpg we have so many laughs and giggles.





It was so much fun connecting with FUNtastic Artist friends over drinks…


I am trying to catch up after my whirlwind week!



Have an amazing day!

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Minnesota Brrrr…



I have landed, back home on the cold Minnesota soil. I cannot wait to see my family!

I am looking forward to giving you the full scoop of our events in Atlanta.

I am waiting for baggage claim and must warm up my vehicle. I will miss the 70 degree weather!

Enjoy your Sunday! 🙂 Kris


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Feeling Blessed: Grateful & Happy


Goodbye 2012…

It is amazing how quickly time passes and a year slips by…

While the year was filled with challenges, it has also been filled with many accomplishments… I am filled with GRATITUDE for the amazing blessings of both challenge and opportunity, for with out both, the blessings would not have been so sweet!

I am grateful to my FRIENDS here on my blog. You lift me up in your presence and friendship and for that I am incredibly THANKFUL. I am amazed that my blog readership more than doubled this year and I welcome all my new friends. I am so excited that you are here with me.


2012 offered many lessons… I am always eager to look at my experiences and discover the lesson to improve.

I am blessed by new business relationships in 2012, boutiques new and old that do such a fantastic job of selling my jewelry, I appreciate you!

Working with Creative Co-op has been a rich blessing in my life… Designing for them has brought such joy to my heart. I love hearing from customers & boutiques that purchase my jewelry all over the country! It is such a gift!

My FAMILY: the health of my kids, husband, parents, sister and family I am so grateful for. Even challenging news like my Dad’s diagnosis of Parkinson’s was a blessing in disguise as doctors feared ALS or a brain tumor. We successfully completed 2012 without a surgery for Keegan! While we know that 2013 has a surgery in store for him, we are so thankful for great medical care.


I am incredibly blessed by the opportunity to create and do what I love.

I wish the best for you and your family for 2013! Please be safe as you celebrate New Year’s Eve!


May your WILDEST DREAMS come true in 2013!
Hugs & Love!


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More Peeking & Holiday Blast Email Sale!


Meet my new friend…

I think she has been waiting for me for years, I know I have been searching for her! I found her at The Porch & Atelier! Teresa was so sweet as to part with her! So happy!

I have another sneak peek at goods for my holiday open house!


I had to rig up a display to hold all of my Creative Co-op & Demdaco line items that I have for sale! Yes, this open house is also a sample sale!! Fantastic prices on my goods from both lines! I think you are going to have sooooo much fun!! 🙂

The prices are lower because I realized I have been hoarding my samples and it is time to share! I even have a few of my original designs that were created into the products for sale!! Hope you can join us from 5-8 pm tomorrow, Friday December 14.

I was thinking it might be nice to offer some of the items to my friends who live too far away to attend my open house, so I was thinking I would pull together a sale list on Sunday & Monday & do an Holiday Blast email sale. If I send them out Priority on Tuesday morning, they should arrive in time for the holidays. If you have already signed up for my private virtual sale email list, then you are on the list… If not, then please email me at and reference the Holiday Blast Email Sale & I will add you!


I want to thank you all for the incredible response to my bracelets I showed you yesterday! They were a huge hit. I ordered more supplies so I will have a great supply for you.

Looking forward to tomorrow! Hope you can join the party!

🙂 Kris



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Christmas Arrives Early…


Here is the link to my Facebook page.

I looked a little like this yesterday! I felt like a little girl again trying on jewelry.

Here is a photo of my Facebook post yesterday… This arrival was so unexpected… It was such a joy to open the door and see a Creative Co-op box waiting for me.

As I opened each item, it was like unwrapping a gift. I started draping necklaces around my neck and bracelets on my wrists… It was so much fun!


I am so happy with the quality and how they turned out!



So happy!


Thank you Creative Co-op for the early Christmas!! You amaze me.

🙂 Kris


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And The Winners Are…

I am so excited about today’s Giveaway! Thank you so much for each and every one of your fantastic comments & shares. You guys are so amazing!


I am so excited to announce the winners of my GIVEAWAY!!

The Winner of Giveaway #1 is ANN MARIE!!

Ann wins the pictured pair of earrings from my Kris Lanae by Creative Co-op line!


The Winner of Giveaway #2 is MARGO NELSON!!

Congratulations! Please email me your mailing at

Yipeeeeeeeee! I love giving!


We are enroute to Thanksgiving Number two!! So excited to see the Binsfeld family!


I hope you are having an incredible holiday weekend!

🙂 Kris

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Kris Lanae by Creative Co-op: Fall 2012 ~ Part 2

Today is Part Two, of a three part review of my fall jewelry release with Creative Co-op.

Click here to view Part 1.

As you probably know, I love Patina, the more the better! So it seemed fitting to name this collection:


Celebrating Patina… In a bracelet, earrings & necklace.




The Earrings above are Dangle Me Happy! I am all about spreading happiness!


I named this necklace, Dearest Pink. Kind of speaks for itself.


This necklace, one of my signature key necklaces is titled Faithfully Chic. So happy with how this necklace turned out!


I am happy to show you The Key to Fabulous.


The chain on this necklace is one of my favorite finds, tons of layered delicate pink pearls, Pretty in Pink.

And finally…


Ribbons and Pearls… One of my favorites!

More to come in a few days! Hope you have an incredible day!

Kris 🙂


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Kris Lanae by Creative Co-op: Fall 2012


I am so excited about sharing the first items from my fall release of Creative Co-op jewelry!

20121106-074823.jpg This necklace is called Blooming Buttons.


On the left we have Buckle Me Happy and on the right we have Gotta Handle on It { see the handle, the drawer pull?}. Naming my jewelry is always fun & you have to know my silly sense of humor!


This set of bracelets turned out super cool! Simply Divine in four colors! I wish you could try one on, they are lightweight, adjust to many wrist sizes and look divine!


I am super thrilled about my new cuff bracelets! The photo above is the Crushin’ on Numbers cuff set. It was designed after vintage surveyors tape and I am loving the look of it!


This next set of cuffs is designed after vintage measuring tape and is titled Measure Me Happy!


The above necklace is The Key To Sparkle Necklace created with sparkling crystals and the contrast of a cool chunky key. Everyone deserves the right to sparkle!


This necklace is named Vintage Soul Necklace… I am so happy with the multiple dark chains balancing the elegant pendant.

That wraps up the first grouping of new jewelry and it should be in stores near you soon, perfect timing for holiday gift giving!

Thanks for stopping by! More Kris Lanae by Creative Co-op photos to come soon! I am so excited for you to see everything!

Have a fantabulous day! 🙂 Kris


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New Embellish Line


I am super excited to share that I have more jewelry just released in the Embellish line with Creative Co-op. I will share more in a few days.

It is going to be a fun weekend with the Upcoming trunk show, A blog hop, and our normal fantastic craziness.

Have a great day!
🙂 Kris


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Life is Beauty Ful!


Yesterday, we celebrated our friend’s birthday by having a girl’s shopping day in Buffalo.

Days like yesterday are so precious… Visiting and shopping… And laughing.

Our first stop is always The Porch & Atelier… I met Teresa through my sister years ago and we have always enjoyed shopping in her beautiful store…

She has a lot of beautiful photos on her blog as well, I hope you take a peek.


Her store is filled with fabulous finds…


Beautiful vignettes…


Vintage and repro hardware…


I adore this print… Life is Beauty Ful!
And it is so true…


And look what we discovered while we were shopping…


My magnetic hooks from Creative Co-op…

It was fun to stumble on a display of my hooks…
It led us to talking about jewelry and I am very excited about setting up a couple dates for Trunk Shows at The Porch & Atelier… Look for an announcement soon!


Have a beauty ful day! Kris 🙂


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Atlanta Followup: Kris Lanae by Creative Co-op


A final view from Atlanta…


I learned so much on this trip to Atlanta. 20120717-070338.jpg

This photo was taken by Gina, one of the many sweet Creative Co-op reps and staff I had fun getting to meet! I wish I had my pic taken with her and some of the other great people I met! 🙂

The gift show is an energy filled dynamic place. It is incredible to think of the volume of business that is written during this show.

Early in the day on Friday, I decided to do some gift shopping in the cash & carry section. I first stood in line at Starbucks (which is a testament to how necessary coffee is at a show like that… It generally takes about a half an hour to get through the line!) Midway through I decided to get two lattes, one warm & one iced… So i wouldn’t have to stand in line later. I then walked toward the building that I thought cash & carry was in (reminding you that the buildings are each about a city block in size.) after finding my way for about 10 minutes, I stopped to ask directions and was told the way. It turns out that I had walked in one large circle for 20 minutes and cash & carry was right by Starbucks! Lol!! A great lesson learned there!

Here are some shots of my angels… They turned out so well!




I had the amazing opportunity to lunch with Lori Siebert, Paula Joerling and Robin Davis. It was a fun opportunity to see this trio of friends giggle and chat about their morning. It was super sweet of them to include me. Lori and I met in Atlanta in January at the Demdaco/Silvestri Artist Mingle. She is a super sweet person and incredibly talented. All three of the women I had the opportunity to spend time with are accomplished artists… I hope you check out the links.

Later in the day, they invited me to meet with a larger group of artists that mingle for a while in one of the hotel lobbies. It was a fun chance to relax, meet new artists and reconnect with a few artists I met at the Creative Connection!

I was too exhausted to go to dinner, so I headed back to my hotel.


I took this photo as I stepped onto the sidewalk by my hotel… It was an incredible view of the Olympic Stadium, it is amazing to think it was 16 years ago that the Olympics were held in Atlanta!

I am thankful for the experience, the amazing companies I am aligned with, the new friendships and the dynamic people I have met.

Thanks for letting me share this experience with you! And thanks to my new subscribers to my blog and likes on Facebook! You guys are awesome!

I hope you have a fabulous day!
Kris 🙂


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Atlanta July: Kris Lanae by Creative Coop


Good Morning from Atlanta…

Here is a quick photo of my angels in the showroom.

I had an incredible day yesterday! I met some amazing buyers, reps and artists!
Can’t wait to tell you about it!!

Off to the show and then catch a plane!

Have a fabulous Saturday! 🙂 Kris


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Everything Looks Better in the Morning!

Reminiscing about this necklace I sold last year and wishing I had taken a better photo of it! That vintage element is still on of my all time fav’s !

It was quite the day yesterday! I drove Kya and her friend to Hockey camp at The University of Minnesota – Duluth… 4 hours with road construction.


Duluth made national news recently with devastating flash floods… We did see some destruction, but it is amazing how some parts of the city appear untouched.

It it a totally unreal feeling bringing my 11 year old to college dorms and leaving!


I drove away at 8:15 pm…
Just before lights out, I was on the phone with her and she cracked her head on the concrete wall. It was a tough night for both of us as I debated going to check her out (well actually turned around) (and then turned around again!). Thankfully…it always looks better in the morning and in the end, she decided that she is okay and going to stay! But it was a long tearful night.

I am so proud of her, it was a tough decision for her to make! ( and even tougher to not get up in the morning and go get her!)


It is a great life lesson though, everything seems to look better in the morning! Have a great day! 🙂 Kris

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Kris Lanae by Creative Co-op: 2012 Home Decor

I am excited to show you my line in the Creative Co-op Home Decor Catalog.

The Rare Form Angel is one of my favorites. It is amazing to see an idea translated from paper to real life.

This wire angel turned out amazing.

The Yes You Can Angel is always there for encouragement… reminding you that you can do it… Slight little pun on the can, since her skirt is created out of a can.

I wish you could touch and feel the “Off Your Chest Angel”…
The chest includes a little cabinet with hooks to hang your jewelry or other precious items.


And the Life Life Joyfully Angel…

This is one of my favorite sayings… Embrace life, and choose a life of happiness… Life Life Joyfully!

The Double Tier Tire Rack came out so cool. I would like multiples for my jewelry display and one in my bathroom for my personal use.

This sweet vintage grungy panel is the perfect height for a dresser or desk. I love it, right down to the industrial caster wheels. This is great for jewelry display or to use as a magnetic note board.

I created sweet little magnetic hooks to turn any metal into a jewelry display.

I have a few more display items that are still in production so they will hopefully make their debut with the next line.

Enjoy today! 🙂 Kris


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Home Sweet Home


Home sweet home…

One last pic of the Creative Co-op showroom. I walked by the showroom and realized the jewelry display occupied one of the main windows.

It’s not a great photo due to the reflection on the glass, but it was super cool.

I thought I would show you a picture of the cash and carry building at the market. It was amazing. Serious shopping!


It was a beautiful sunset as I drove home last night… It felt so great to be Home – Sweet – Home. 🙂 Kris

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Creative Co-op by Kris Lanae: Dallas


My mind is racing and I have a zillion ideas swirling around in my mind. My eyes opened at 4 am and my excitement and creative energy will not allow me to go back to sleep.

I decide to embrace the moment. Let’s put this creative energy to use!!! I can sleep later! Besides, I got 8 hours of sleep Thursday night which brings my average to five and a half hours, I can survive on that.


My jewelry line looks amazing! My photos are not the best, but I wanted to share some with you… Please forgive the quality!

The embellished jewelry line has an entire line dedicated to it.

This mannequin angel is perched at the entrance…


As you walk into the room, your eyes are drawn to the center table with a focal mirror, dress forms and one of my jewelry displays that I got to design.


The rack is a two tiered display of some old vintage bicycle tires I found… It looks awesome and is a terrific bracelet/necklace display.

The room has gorgeous patina’d grey panels that showcase each grouping of jewelry. Because it is a wholesale company, most of the jewelry is sold in collections of two to three.






I wish you could be here to see the beauty and simplicity of the display boards.



And here is another angel for you, my Yes You Can! Angel… I will get better photos from the catalog when I get home.


I had fun creating in my room last night and this morning. I depart today.

Have an amazing day! 🙂 Kris


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Creative Co-op: Live Life Joyfully


I am so excited to be Living Life Joyfully today in Dallas, Texas.

I have so much to share with you.
I am
Super Duper
Excited to finally,
F I N A L L Y share my secret with you!!!

I have non-jewelry items that debuted with Creative Co-op too!! See the photo of my Live Life Joyfully Angel…

I will try to get better photos to share with you. Angels are near and dear to my heart and I will share the story with you soon.

It is so amazing to see the items live and in person! I am so happy with the quality and the beautiful patina and finishes of the elements.

The story of how this AH-MAZING friend propelled my journey forward is here.

Last night I had the most amazing dinner with Phil and Debbie Saviano. They graciously treated me to dinner Texas style at The Palomino. The gifts they gave me did not end there. I cannot let the moment pass without sharing a highlight of my Gifts from the Savianos:

Share with your whole heart: This amazing couple is committed to making the world a better place. It is clear to me that they do not let an opportunity pass to share with their whole hearts… Undivided attention, seizing the moment, kindness for others, or a chance to improve someone’s life with nothing to gain.

Give and you receive more. I can never thank Debbie enough for the difference she has made in my life. I was eager to share some jewelry I made especially for her. She instantly removed the beautiful jewelry she was wearing and replaced it with the jewelry I made. The sweet girl who was waiting on our table commented and Debbie glowingly shared her necklace with the her. I wish I could have captured the shine in her eyes… this friend of mine, graciously received and even more surprisingly… Without hesitation gave this sweet girl one of the best nights at her job, ever. I am so inspired. Her giving nature blessed our evening.

Listen with joy, commit to the moment. Often people in conversation listen to a conversation, focusing on how to continue the conversation, or add something pertinent about themselves or their life. I believe it is an instinct we have because we all like to talk about ourselves and some of us fear that we have nothing to contribute.

Phil and Debbie have the most incredible listening style. Phil and Debbie listen intently with their eyes, joyfully in the moment. I have so much to learn from them!

Honeymooners Prevail: Spending time with Debbie and Phil is a joyful experience. You can tell they are soul mates by the kindness and attention they share with each other, despite the fact that they have grown children and teenage grandchildren. Being in their presence reminds me of honeymooners and it is incredible too see their love cultivated and blooming.

Here is a photo of Debbie and I after dinner last night.


And a few more shots of the incredible building. The Courtyard…


And the beautiful entrance… Notice the Dove, Debbie spotted admiring the view.



More photos coming soon! Have an incredible day. 🙂 Kris


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Subtly Gray Flower Necklace


It’s five am and time to start moving…

We are off to a softball tournament for my chick-a-doodle. I am excited for today because this year we have had to divide and conquer as Keegan & Kya play on the same nights. Tom is coaching Kya’s team, so I have been with Keegan. It is hard because you want to be in two places at one time.

This weekend should fun… As long as the rain holds out. They are guaranteed five games today and tomorrow.

My jewelry supply bag is packed to the brim and my deadline is looming. The week ahead is filled with excitement… Sawyer departs on Friday for a long, long 12 day boys choir tour to Washington, Oregon and Yellowstone. We are going to miss him, but I am so excited for him to have the opportunity.

I depart Wednesday for the Dallas Gift Show. I am incredibly excited to see my Creative Co-op Jewelry Line launch. I have approximately 2 weeks left on my deadline for my new line. The clock continues to tick tock…

20120616-064818.jpg Subtly Gray Flower Necklace $72

I promise to share photos at Dallas! If I recall, I had sketchy service… But I will do what I can!

I also signed up for Lori Anderson’s 6th Bead Soup Blog Party

I had the pleasure of meeting Lori last week at the Bead & Button Show. She has a book launching soon that tells her story of the famous blog hop. She has hundreds of participants. So excited to participate.

Enjoy your Saturday… I hope it is amazing! 🙂 Kris


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Bead & Button & Celebrate Creatives


So happy the sun is shining on this glorious day! I am sorry I have been absent for a few days! I am excited to ship off 30 designs and about 10 elements to Creative Co-op today for my new line!


I have so much to share from the Bead & Button show…

I had a special bead on my list, requested by a friend for another friend… I knew I would find exactly what I needed at Lisa Peters booth. Thinking with hope today for our courageous friend!


Here is my small collection of purchases from Lisa Peters… I love her work! It was hard to not scoop up about 20 gorgeous focals from her. I really have to keep my focus on my new line for Creative Co-op.


I found these gorgeous buttons…
A rainbow of crystals…

Hilary and I had dinner Thursday night with my friend Linda Barutha of Live, Laugh, Love Retreats. The three of us had so much fun! I will be teaching at Linda’s retreat next April.

I wanted to take a moment to highlight The retreat & this month’s Instructor Spotlight:

The Creatives — Celebrating Sisterhood Retreat planning and prepping is in full swing. So every month we will be highlighting the awesome instructors that will be teaching at the retreat next April.

This month’s Instructor Spotlight is on Mary Sterk. Mary’s business, Just Mary Designs, features a program called Body Fab-YOU-lous. Through art, Mary teaches us to love ourselves just as we are. To learn more, follow this link to Mary’s post.

I love Mary’s philosophy! I know this is an issue I have struggled with my entire life.

Back to the B & B Show… Friday night we had dinner with four amazing women. I am hoping to get a copy of the photo and share more about it in a separate post… We actually closed the restaurant down! We had so much fun visiting!

Saturday we left and I learned a lesson about Karma… As we were checking in we had a gate agent who was smiling and pleasant. Hilary and I had been giggling the entire weekend… Cracking jokes and having fun… So I jokingly asked the gate agent if she could red flag Hilary for a strip search… We all laughed about it and continued on our way. However Karma met me at Security… It was one of the newer X-ray machines where you stand still and hold your hands above your head…

My jeans had a bunch of metal decoration on them and I failed the security check… So Hilary guarded my belongings and we both had hysterical giggling fits while the poor security agent had to do the pat down on me. I will spare you the gory details but it was a classic lesson for me to be cautious what I joke about! Sorry Hilary, I promise to be a good girl next time!

Not sure what I will do with these yet, but I had to have them!


My friend Heidi and her beautiful daughter from Mermaid’s Dowry…

All in all, it was an amazing show with fantastic company… I met so many new friends, I can’t wait until next year!

🙂 Kris


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Divide and Conquer


It was a very fun day at the Minneapolis Gift Show. I really admire representatives for their grueling job… Long hours at shows and even longer hours on the road. It was fun to hear the feedback on the new jewelry line and be able to share a few of the fun details about my jewelry that isn’t obvious from a glance.

From there, it was a mad dash to baseball… Oh what an incredible night.

It was a perfect night for baseball and creating in the sunshine. There is a major difference in weather between spring and summer ball in Minnesota, yippppieeee, so happy for summer ball!

Divide and conquer is our motto for our summer nights, Kya and Keegan play on the same nights so unfortunately, I will not see many of Kya’s games since Tom is coaching… until weekend tournaments.


I hope you are enjoying your summer days… The sunlight warming your skin and making your heart happy! 🙂 Kris

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