Bead Soup Reveal!!!

I am so excited that the reveal is finally upon us! I have the best partners! This is my third year and I have enjoyed my experience so much!

A special shout out to Lori Anderson, our hostess, author, friend and inspiration! This is a ginormous undertaking for her! Please visit her blog and give her some extra love. Her journey has been extraordinary and a lesser girl would crumble!
Lori Anderson, Hostess

My partner is the dynamically talented Lea Avroch…

She sent me the most delicious soup!!Thank you Lea! I am thrilled to be a friend and honored to work with your lovely soup!


Lea can be found behind her torch creating amazing lampwork and beautiful goodies. Her blog is Our styles are uniquely different… She is a seed bead dynamo and I am a wire addict. We have a commonality in our love for upcycled elements.

Here is the soup I sent her… (I always get nervous and I know I overdid it… But the rules state that all you really need to use is the focal and the clasp so she can use the elements that speak to her… I am eager to see her reveal! Please go check it out!


And finally… Here is my reveal!


I created a trio of necklaces…
I love layering!

The main focal necklace centers around Lea’s beautiful beadwork. I wired all of the elements, added a few of my own including the sparkly vintage element that dangles from the focal.


The second necklace is a more delicate necklace…


A tiny wirework flower I made with Lea’s super cool almost iridescent glass happily dangling.

The third necklace is a long layering piece that can be worn double wrapped on its own.


I also created a double wrap bracelet…



I made a pair of earrings…


And I made a funky ring…


It was a goal of mine to use all of my soup this year and I did not achieve my goal… But I am thrilled with my loot and grateful for my partner.

We would love you to hop on over to all of the other participants…
Click here:

I am unfortunately not able to hop until after Sunday!! Thank you for stopping by and happy hopping!

๐Ÿ™‚ Kris


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115 responses to “Bead Soup Reveal!!!

  1. Lovely pieces, you! I especially love the middle one, but they’re all great. Good job!

  2. I can totally see myself wearing all three of those beautiful necklaces at the same time! Love them all!

  3. Tina

    WOW, you created so, so many wonderful things. My favorite is the short necklace with the three dangles. Really nice!

  4. Kris,
    WOW!!!! I am swooning. I can not stop looking at your designs. I would so wear those pieces. Awesome job.

  5. love that ring and the layering is so effective. aMAZING DETAILS IN THE NECKLACES and gorgeous earrings too

  6. What a great work with wire! congrats!

  7. I’ve admired your wirework for years. One day I’ll really treat myself and get one or two when you send those sale emails. Until then thanks for inspiring my dreams.

  8. ile

    It’s really all so beautiful!
    Congrats ^_^

  9. You are an amazing artist and I love love love the pieces you made! Mouth dropping gorgeous.

  10. So beautiful, Kris. I especially love the first piece with the beaded links and the Y drop. Ummm, I think I recognized some diva treasures in there too:)

  11. Very NICE!! Love your blog, your photos are so great!

  12. Love love love everything you made – great ideas!!

  13. Catherine King

    Love, love the first piece and your work with each component. Well done and how delightful.

  14. Beautiful work -I love all your wired elements! And the mannequin – love that too ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. autumnadams4955

    My favorite is the earrings with the blue beads.

  16. Yummy! Gorgeous necklace and a wonderful blog that I definitely will return to!

  17. So beautiful, love the wire wrapping!

  18. Such lovely pieces well done!

  19. After seeing your reveal, the only thing I have to say is, you are inspiring. They are very lovely pieces, but what I like the most is your free flowing style. Neither the beads or the wire work take center stage: they each compliment the other, beautifully. Glorious work!

  20. Wow …really cool fun pieces ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Those necklaces are PERFECTION together ! And they look great on their own, too ! And that bracelet, oh my dear. โค

  22. awesome soup! I love the necklace trio ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. alison

    gosh, you have such a beautiful vintage touch to all of your pieces. they are all stunning!

  24. I always love your wire work so couldn’t wait to see what you created with your soup. Awesome job on all of your pieces, really love the bracelet.

  25. Wow, beautiful creations you have madeโ€‹โ€‹! My favorite is the first necklace. Fantastic jewelry!

  26. Everything is wonderful! Love your work

  27. This is what Bead Soup is all about! I love that these pieces are so totally you, but given beads you might not normally choose yourself, makes the pieces fresh and exciting too.

  28. Wow – stunning!! Very bohemian – I love that….and gorgeous color, too.

  29. Oh wow just stunningly brilliant work…You amaze me …I love it all ty so much for sharing your designs they are absolutely lovely

  30. Kris! My dear, sweet wonderful partner! I hardly recognize my beads in there!! What you’ve created is beyond amazing!! I love everything, but especially the 1st necklace. I want it! lol!

  31. Love all your pieces. The layering really rocks!

  32. I love both necklaces together. Every inch is gorgeous!

  33. You sure put your bead soup into so many wonderful creations. It’s hard to say what I love the best. The three necklaces go together so well, and I love the way you wire wrapped your crystals.

  34. Well you sure did Lea’s soup proud! love your layering ( I cant not do layers!!) and your wire wrapping!! Beautiful!

  35. Great designs. You used things together so beautifully, and I love the layered look but don’t have the success you have with it!

  36. I like the three necklaces together…you’ve done a beautiful job.

  37. Stunning work, the wire wrapping takes the beads to a whole new level. Love love love your designs!

  38. Debbie Rogers

    Beautiful work, love all the beads!

  39. christa murphy

    I love that you can layer the necklaces or wear them individually. You did an outstanding job and I am in love with your wirework.

  40. christine

    Lovely pieces – all so wonderfully unique!! Great job with your soup!

  41. I’m totally enamored with your beading style! Awesome work! Really Soup-er!

  42. very nice! love the messy wrap! your stuff looks vintage and that is a favorite of mine.

  43. Components all very nicely worked in. Love the multi-strands

  44. Fabulous pieces! In one of my favorite color palettes no less. I would totally wear those necklaces together.

  45. Andrea

    Wowza! love it!

  46. Great work! Love the darkened metal with the blue!

  47. Debra Gibson

    Love your work ! Love all the pieces !!

  48. I love your wire wrapping and the lovely use of your soup, all gorgeous, unusual pieces.

  49. beautiful creations ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. That first necklace is especially cool! Stunning work!

  51. Lovely pieces, inspired me…

  52. Beautiful creations all of them!
    I would not mind to use all of those gorgeous necklaces together

  53. Wow, so many so nice pieces. Every necklace is a beauty and together they are awesome.

  54. I love your layer necklace. Steam punk beauty =)

  55. Wow you have made a lot of lovely items I love the little violet flower on the chain and your interesting ring. I hope you will have time to visit me.

  56. There are so many โ™ฅbeautiful little details to discover in this โ™ฅ jewellery, love it!

  57. Love your style and works! And your BSBP jewelry too!!!

  58. Wow! Beautiful pieces! I really love your style! Great details and use of the blackened steel.

  59. Wow, I love the trio of necklaces. Each are special on its own, but fantastic together.

  60. You are indeed very lucky to have a talented artist, Lea Avroch, as a partner! You definitely did her soup a nice justice! Well done!

  61. I love layering too! Your trio of necklaces are fabulous. Your designs are all very interesting as single pieces and as a group. Cheers!
    Lori in Atlanta

  62. Holy cow, you did it again! I love this! I have been so proud wearing last year’s creation you made and you keep upping the ante! And you’ll laugh, but I thought the tins you put your beads in were part of the design, like this really cool pendant — ideas!

    I can’t thank you enough for participating, and I hope to see you at Bead and Button next year. We have to hit the Capital Grille again!

  63. Love all your works…they are fabulous…

  64. Lovely work – thanks so much for sharing it with us!
    Hannah Rosner

  65. Great work Kris! My favorite is the bracelet, I really like the double wrap idea. I’d also be all over the earrings. Maybe that’s because I rarely wear necklaces so am most attracted to what I want ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. Wow I love it all. And you made those go a long way. Great job.

  67. Great Design! I love how the 3 necklaces look good together.

  68. Stunning pieces! I really love the layering style and yours are beautiful…each would look great alone but together they are fantastic!

  69. Absolutely gorgeous designs. I love the versatility of the necklace trio, which looks great worn together but each one holds its own separately.

  70. tesoritrovati4800

    Oh, you got some yummy ingredients to work your magic with! I love the layered necklace. That is awesome. The rustic wire wrapping is great. I love the pearl links you made! Thank you for sharing your talent with the 8th Bead Soup! Enjoy the day. Erin

  71. Oh my gosh, I love everything about your pieces! I love layering, too and purples, and industrial looking/ wrapped objects! So cool – great job ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. awesome pieces. I love the wire wrap.

  73. I love your pictures they are very artsy! Your wire wrapping is very good, the colors work well together. It seems layering is the way to go this blog hop. I love them all!

  74. I love the funky feel to your work. I would wear them all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. autumnskyadornments

    Great stuff! The necklace trio is fantastic…. I love that loose/chunky style of wire wrapping!

  76. Fabulous pieces ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the long messy wraps on the smallest necklace! And that long one.. wow.. just great ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. Carol

    Love it!

  78. Teal and purple! What awesome beads you got! I really like all the necklaces but my two favorite things are the double wrap bracelet and that last pair of earrings! Too cool!

  79. There’s so much I love about your designs. I love the ‘messy’ wraps, the big links, how you connected the little purply-white discs so you can see all their glorious colours. Inspiring!

  80. Your designs are great! you really showcased the beads well, especially those purple/yellow disks (which I’m drooling over!). and that ring! I’m not much of a jewelry wearer(ironic i know), but I’d definitely wear that.

  81. Oh wow… really really love those trio necklaces.. each one complement the other two.. even though they can be wore separately without loosing their charm. Your wirework is excelent!

  82. Love the trio necklace idea – so versatile because they work together or separately. I have to admit I’m partial to the purple flower dangle on the longest one – so cute! All of your pieces are beautiful – great job!

  83. I love your wirework skills, all the details you created on both neckalces and bracelet, the more I look at them and the more I am in love!

  84. oh wow! Those are absoutely lovely! I love the way you style your pictures too! Great job!!

  85. Gorgeous! I think these are my favourite pieces that I’ve seen on this hop!

  86. Rainy

    Kris, I really love your style so much and these soup creations are no exceptions. Beautiful job!

  87. I really love the layered look. Each of the necklaces are wonderful on their own and even more so together!!! I really ove the bracelet too!!! Wonderful Job!!!

  88. Kay

    You made so many great pieces. Love the funky ring and the hoop earrings. But my favorite is the wrap bracelet. I love them. You did a great job. And the layered look for the necklaces is great.

  89. I love the layered necklaces, the wirework is just amazing. All your pieces are gorgeous.

  90. Love the colors ! Great pieces !

  91. Oh, you made some beautiful pieces with Lea’s soup! I find it hard to choose which one(s) I like the most, I would wear them all in a heartbeat! But I think the trio of necklaces would call my name the loudest!

  92. What a wonderful trio of necklaces! I love them!!!!! I really like the little fun ring too! :)))

  93. I like how your necklace feels rustic yet modern at the same time. It’s fantastic, and I like your wirework touches.

  94. Oh my goodness, they are all terrific, but I LOVE the ring!!!! Just a little ‘dangle’ for the day!! VERY GOOD JOB!! ~KM

  95. Oh, that’s nice! Lovely cooking, Kris. Love the idea to wear this three beautiful necklaces together. The colors are great, the purple wents so well with the dark wire! Really romatic!

  96. All three necklaces are just delightful! Would love any of them!

  97. Love your wirework! The little flower dangle you created with the iridescent bead is gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚

  98. Love what you created with your soup! Your wirework with the dark wire gives a special touch to them!

  99. The earrings are way cool and so is the funky ring! I applaud anyone who can work with wire.

  100. leilakitty

    Lots of lovely things, the bracelet is wonderful. Beautiful wirework.

  101. Love the wrapping!

  102. Great job with your soup. The color palette you had to work with was really dreamy and you did not disappoint. You used it all so well. The more delicate, short necklace is a real beauty. Of course, there’s so much detail in each of your pieces that they each are just fabulous.

  103. Janet

    All very creative and beautiful! Great work.

  104. I love the colours in your soup and how you layered the necklaces. such a great look. I really like your use of blackened wire too….so cool with the crystals!

  105. Maybeline Tay

    Love your wirework. especially the little charms you created for the shorter necklace. So cute.

  106. jlwoolverton

    What a great trio of necklaces. Beautiful!!

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  108. Those earrings are so cute and I love that little purple flower on the long necklace!

  109. Love, Love, Love all your designs!! A designer who likes re-using is a designer I like!! Your wire wrapping is just gorgeous!!

  110. Monique U

    A beautiful soup and awesome designs, Kris ๐Ÿ™‚

  111. What an great idea – three-in-one necklace! Fantastic wirework, absolutely gorgeous connectors, the black wire is a real hit! Truly inspirational creations!

  112. You created a beautiful trio of necklaces, I like the bracelet and earrings, too. I like your use of wire and the pieces you added, especially the blue enamel flower.

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