Regionals and Custom Patina Bleu

Wow, it has been days since I blogged. I am sorry for being so absent. Life has been overflowing with craziness…

Kya’s team advanced to regional playoffs and showed valiant fight and spirit. In the end, they finished their season with 27 wins (11 shutouts in a row), and five losses, the last three losses were in playoffs.

After their season ending loss, the girls regrouped and agreed to go cheer on Hutchinson. Our girls lost to Hutchinson in three of their five losses this year… Including their final loss of the season that ended their hopes to advance to the state tournament.

Why, you ask, would we encourage our girls to go cheer on a team that beat them three out of four times we played them? I have to admit, Tom was a huge motivator to watch them.

Our girls entered the arena where only hours earlier they left with broken hearts. They filed in and sat quietly watching the first few minutes. Slowly our girls got into the game, they dropped any resentment they may have had and started cheering for the Hutch team. The game remained close after the first two periods… As the Hutch team left the bench, the girls realized that they could use some cheering! So they ran all the way around the arena to high five the team and encourage them to win! They waited patiently for the team to exit the locker room and showed the girls their support!


They created a cheer and loudly cheered for them!!! We were so stinking proud of these girls and their sportsmanship as they cheered on the team that beat them in a tie for district playoffs and handed them their final loss of the season. I am not sure that they could have represented themselves better.

Sadly, Hutch lost the game crushing their hopes to advance to state. Our little (River Lakes) Stars rushed around the arena to quietly and respectfully high five the team, relating to their heartbreaking loss. We could not be more proud of their display of sportsmanship. I asked some of the girls how they felt about the experience later and they shared that it was hard at first, but afterward they were happy they did it. It helped a lot to end the season supporting another team.

We are so grateful for the experience, after all it is our job as parents to teach our kids that it is not just about winning!

We took a little selfwe after the game the other morning. My little chick-a-doodle took the pick. She missed a little bit of us! Lol


Last week, I had the awesome opportunity to create a necklace design for my sister to celebrate her good friend’s birthday.


My sister had a clear idea of the design and I helped her tweak it a little. I love how it turned out! It is double sided…. Here is the back.


I love how it turned out with the authentic blue patina on the vintage spoon and the vintage chain. Thank you for letting me be a part of your gift my sister! Xo

Thanks for sticking with me in my absence! We are looking forward to our world calming down. Xoxo


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6 responses to “Regionals and Custom Patina Bleu

  1. Maria Rosa Sharrow

    I always love reading your blog. You have such a lovely family. Your creations are lovely. I am not sure if the spelling of blue was intentional ? I would hate for it to be a gift that had amispelling. If I’m incorrect please disregard the above comment.
    Best Wishes,
    Maria Rosa

  2. Sheryl Plate

    Kris,I am totally tearing up while reading your post. Being a hockey Mom I can relate to the emotions that go along with winning and losing. What I can relate to even more are the “life lessons” these girls are learning both on and off the ice. Kudos to your amazing group of young ladies! P.S We loved playing in the River Lakes Tourney.

  3. Oh my gosh Sheryl, thank you. I think for all of us it was such a proud moment… Truly we were tired, personally I could have relaxed in the hotel for a few more hours… Lol. I am so grateful to have been able to watch this group of girls push through their emotion and truly learn what good sportsmanship was all about. Thank you for understanding.

    And thank you for coming to our home tournament. I hope your girls enjoyed their time and had a great season working together!

    Thank you for taking the time to comment! Xoxo

  4. Hello Maria Rosa,
    Thank you so much for your compliments about my blog and it is super sweet of you to let me know your concern about the spelling! I giggled a little when I read your comment because the funny thing is that autocorrect changed the spelling of bleu to blue as I was typing so as soon as I posted the story, my sister let me know I had misspelled bleu! Lol

    It was a specific spelling of Patina Bleu to celebrate her friends business name. I truly appreciate that you were considerate to let me know just in case.

    Thank you for reading my blog. Xoxo Kris

  5. Maria Rosa Sharrow

    I’m glad I was wrong about the spelling! All that hard work and how pretty the necklace is, that would have been heart breaking.

    Warmest Regards,
    Maria Rosa

  6. Maria, I am also thankful!! You are so sweet!! May your day be filled with sunshine! Xo Kris

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