Onward and Upward

Wow, it has been a while my friends! Life has been crazy, fun, wild and a little out of control!

Our kids activities have been consuming generous amounts of our time… It has been so much fun watching them play, grow, excel and learn.


Kya’s hockey team has won their second tournament and is currently first in district play… They have a few important games coming up and then playoffs begin.

The first JO volleyball tournament is this weekend.

Sawyer has been enjoying the Swim Team. Last week he had his highest score ever with a 10 point gain! Fun celebrations!! It has been a bit of a challenge for him this year as he is diving varsity and so he is missing some boys choir rehearsals. It is all about balance though.


Keegan is enjoying Ski Club and Archery along with snowmobiling any chance he gets.

I have been working mostly on products that I can’t show you right now on my blog. I am sorry, I hope to show you soon!

I am also doing a fundraiser for our hockey team… Creating Hockey Mom necklaces. One Mom asked me to create this necklace for her too! I might have to make myself one!


It is double sided.


Yesterday I started having another episode of vertigo… So I am slow moving today. Ugh! I don’t really have time to be slow moving!

Onward and upward! Hope you are having a joyful day!
Xo, Kris

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One response to “Onward and Upward

  1. What great fun to be involved in your kids’ lives through sports, but exhausting at times I am sure. Your necklace idea is a great way to generate enthusiasm. I once taught the little junior high cheerleaders how to make a simple bracelet for our little polar bears. Once they learned, they sold their own to make extra money for the team. AND they had a blast!

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