Polar Vortex = Minnesota Cold!

I bet you thought I was frozen!!! I am sorry you haven’t heard from me for a few days!

We are on day two of frigid sub zero temps caused by a polar vortex. Our governor cancelled schools statewide, churches and some businesses have been closed yesterday. No school today for the second day!


With 46 degrees below zero windchill, it is a perfect day to stay bundled and cozy in our homes.

This weekend was Sawyer’s 8th grade rite of passage to have the baby for the weekend! Three nights of newborn crying, feeding and diapers. He started off multitasking.


Sharing Comments like “I am waaaay too young to have a baby!”


He also discovered that it is impossible to sleep and feed a baby at the same time. FYI, it is not a real baby, the baby is computerized to act like a real baby! Put school had 12 babies and every student in eighth grade gets to experience what it is like to care for a baby. We are so thankful to have Sawyer’s behind us!! Two down, one more to go!

Now that the holidays are over, I can start sharing some of the custom orders that were surprises.

This necklace I created with a family keepsake, her Grandma’s brooch. I love how it turned out, the brooch is the star and the supporting elements help the brooch shine!


I hope you are staying warm and cozy through the frigid temps!

Xoxoxo, Kris


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8 responses to “Polar Vortex = Minnesota Cold!

  1. Not quite as cold in Ohio but waaay too cold for me! I have not left the house in 3 days! A wonderful experience for your son. I know he will not forget it for a while. ]
    A lovely necklace BTW

  2. Rhonda

    I am glad you folks weathered inside…I have experienced those types of weather systems in my younger years, growing up in the Chicago area, and it can be very frightening…What a cool project for your kids’ school to sponsor! An awesome learning experience…Your necklace is just beautiful…You have a fabulous and hopefully warmer week!

  3. I hope you are starting to warm up in Ohio!! We are supposed to reach 29 tomorrow! So happy!

  4. Hopefully you are enjoying delightful weather in FL Rhonda! May your days be filled with sunshine!! Xoxo

  5. We don’t WHAT we’re doing down here.

  6. Oh my word! Be safe! Hopefully the sun will shine and all will be well again!! Xoxo Kris

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