So Thankful!

Today is our day of thanks!

We have so much to be thankful for! Health and family tops the list. Today I and grateful that my Mom is happy and warm and cancer free… Celebrating with friends in Havasu! I am thankful for my Dad’s health and hoping the Parkinson’s progression is slow, slow, slow.

I am grateful for my family… Three happy, healthy and amazing children… I enjoy continuing to discover their beautiful qualities… Thankful that we had a day of bonding yesterday… Almost no bickering and bonding over cleaning was a true gift!

Window washing, aka Tall Ladder Acrobatics was the photo opp. Only two like to be featured but I did get pics of the third! I am just forbidden from publishing them. I honor his privacy!


I am thankful for the help of my hubby… He is ever selfless and giving. He will climb to the top of the tallest ladder for me. (Smirk!)

We look forward to gathering and having a non traditional thanksgiving dinner today with my Dad, talented sister and family (with exception of my sweet niece Bailey, who returns from a six month mission trip in a few weeks! Miss you Beautiful Bailey!)

Saturday we will celebrate a fantastic traditional Thanksgiving with Tom’s family.


May you fly and celebrate with family and friends on this happy day! Much love to you and I appreciate all of you!


Xoxo, Kris


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2 responses to “So Thankful!

  1. Hello Dear Friend I think of You often and give THANKS for having You as a Friend! Sending Big Hug and Love Debbie

    Debbie Saviano – Social Media & LinkedIn Strategist – Relationship Advocate


  2. Happy Thanksgiving Binsfeld Clan!

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