Playing with a Micro Torch!


My micro torch came in the other day! I started it up right away!!! I was like a child with a new toy! I totally forgot to figure out how to shut it off! Lol. My hubby sure skedaddled out of the house in a hurry.


This Cross necklace was my first… I had so much fun. I even listed it here on etsy!



I am psyched about how this necklace turned out too. It was everything I was hoping to get from my micro torch! I listed this on on Etsy too!

Well, better get back to soldering!
Have a great day!
🙂 Kris


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2 responses to “Playing with a Micro Torch!

  1. A micro-torch… I am so jelous! I am purchased a soldering iron and didn’t even think about a torch. When I get my plasma torch, we have to get together and play!!!

  2. Linda, that sounds like a blast! I would love to get together & play!! Xoxo Kris

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