Today is the Sale!

Super excited! Today is my Private Virtual Sale at 6pm central time. I am doing the best I can to add items… I developed a fun case of vertigo yesterday and so I am moving a little slow!

A few of you have mentioned that you may not be able to access the email until later tonight. I want to assure you that if there is something you would like, I will do my best to create you a similar style necklace.

Past sales have totally surprised me that I generally don’t have people requesting duplicates until a couple of hours in! Hopefully that will stay true for today’s sale!

Here are a few sneak peek of jewelry that will be available tonight!

The funky yellow necklace has never even been photographed until today!


This necklace is perfect with jeans or fun to dress up your holiday party wear!


I adore this fantastic vintage button necklace!


I have some of the message necklaces available in the sale!

If you would like to join the sale, email me at

Thank you!


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2 responses to “Today is the Sale!

  1. Good Morning Kris,
    I purchased my 1st piece of your jewelry, a necklace with a skate key. I want more. I live in Bethany Beach,DE 19970. Is it possible to get a list of stores that have your line because that is what I am buying my friends for Christmas? Thanks so much. MO

  2. Hi Maria!

    Thank you so much for buying my jewelry!! I truly appreciate that you would like more for Christmas gifts.

    Unfortunately they do not give us a list of stores that purchase my line. I don’t even know locally until I happen upon them.

    You may try calling some of your favorite local stores and ask if they order from creative coop & they may take a special order for you. I sure wish I could help.

    Another idea might be to find out who the rep is for creative coop in your state and they may recommend a store that orders and may be willing to place an order. Please keep me informed! Thank you so much!

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