It’s a Happy Day!

Oh it’s a happy day! For the first time in weeks, I feel good!

Quite honestly, I have had one health affliction after another… Nothing major, just annoying coughs and sniffles and hips popping out. My last fun affliction must have been food poisoning as I am the only one in our family affected (Thank Goodness!).

This past weekend was Kya’s birthday party. The girls love taking photos of themselves so we had it at Everyday People Studio… A self serve studio.


We had so much fun taking photos of them!


In two and a half hours we got almost 1200 photos! We had great help from the staff!


Took a super cute individual photo for all of the girls…

They were jumping, posing and having a blast!

I wish we had started this idea in kindergarten!


The girls weren’t thrilled about the foot photo, but it might be one of my fav’s!


It seems like forever since I have had some good creating time, hope to rectify that soon!

I hope you are having a happy Monday!
πŸ™‚ Kris


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3 responses to “It’s a Happy Day!

  1. Great photos! The girls will remember this and get the keepsakes! I would have loved to have photos like this with my friends from school.

  2. Thank you Nicki! I agree! They had do much fun with it! Thank you for your comment!
    πŸ™‚ Kris

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