Brilliant Color


One of my favorite seasons is fall. It is hard to imagine life without the change of seasons, the absolute beauty of nature and the brilliant colors that surround us.

We are in the midst of fall colors in Minnesota. I am certain it’s natures gift to make us all happy before hitting us with brutal temperatures.


Sometimes I wonder about my design… Color offer such a thrill to me visually in life yet I wear black and design in mostly neutrals. In fact I really do have to push myself to use color in my work. Kind of funny, yes? Well if you figure me out… Let me know!

Yesterday Kya had another volleyball game… They played well. She had quite a serving spree. 31 points scored, no misses! Her team played well together, it was fun to watch.


Today is day three of tech week for Sawyer. There are still tickets available for the Boys on Broadway performances this weekend. It is one of my favorite performances of the year and Sawyer’s last year in St. John’s Bots Choir!


Well I am off to keep on plugging away! Have a FUNtastic day!


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2 responses to “Brilliant Color

  1. Ciao, I love your blog and I’ve been following for a while now!
    I decided to nominate you for this Italian award: Versatile Blogger award!
    I wait for you on

  2. Chiara,

    Thank you so very much for nominating me for this award! I am truly honored! (Wish I could read your post, I love how beautiful your language is! Thank you!

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