Running Around Like A Crazy Mom!


Today is errand day… Time for haircuts, we probably should have some food in the house and we are pretty low on essentials.

Yesterday was a very fun volleyball day. Kya’s seventh grade team played in an 8th grade home tournament and took first in the Gold B Bracket.

The girls had me take this photo of them.


This week is going to be fun and grueling. This week is tech week for Sawyer so starting tomorrow, they have practices or performances every day through next Sunday and some days there are two performances. Of course volleyball and hockey are overlapping and Tom has continuing education in the cities, so that adds an interesting additional dynamic to the week. It will be lots of fun though because this is Sawyer’s last Boys on Broadway in the concert choir.


Hope your week ahead is relaxing and you can think of me running around like a crazy Mom!

🙂 Kris

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