Junk Bonanza Photo Montage

Finally! I have created my little photo montage of the Junk Bonanza.

We always try to arrive a few minutes after the doors open to beat the long lines of the early bird Junkers. It is very much worth the early bird price for easier navigating.


The path was clear to slip right in and start shopping.


I loved this table set… So beautiful.


Love the glass top with vintage sign in it.


This is a table made out if an airplane wing. It made me think of my parents.


I have admired the industrial trolley carts for years… Perfect for a coffee table.


This was one of my favorite booths, I could have spent hours scrounging through their vintage goodies.


I love anything with globes… This lamp was unique!


I have an arrow infatuation… Love, love, love!!


My favorite artist of the show is Paul… He is friend with my friend Mindi. I could spend hours reading his creative and hilarious work.


So creative!! Super cool vintage elements!


I forgot his card at home so I will have to update with his info. Love his art.

Super creative.


If you have never been, I hope someday you can attend.


You never know what you will discover.


The funniest part of our day was that we went to great lengths to get Lynda’s enclosed trailer hooked up to our vehicle… And we never even placed a thing in it. We only bought smalls! You know we would have needed it if we didn’t lug it along!


Tomorrow I’ll try to show you some of my loot!

We are off to Kya’s hockey game! Have a great day!

Xoxo Kris

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  1. Can’t wait to see what you bought!

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