Jewelry Affaire Magazine: by Stampington

I was thrilled to arrive home last night to a comp copy of Jewelry Affaire Magazine published by Stampington.

This is especially exciting for me because a few years ago I was encouraged to submit jewelry to their magazine but something was holding me back. Clearly I was letting fear or something stand in my way. So when I received an email from the editor requesting that I submit my bead soup Grand Prize winning designs, I made myself do it.


It was a thrill to receive the printed magazine…


The magazine is a work of art…

The article has the wonderful story about my friend and author Lori Anderson and her wildly successful Bead Soup Blog Hop.


I had to chuckle that they added an i to my last name, even my Dad struggled with that after we were married.


So there I am on page 34… Pretty cool, huh? Of course, without the amazing hop hosted by Lori and the beautiful soup to create with, I would not have been so lucky so I thank my partner Sandi Volpe!

I will share my Junk Bonanza photos tomorrow! Have an amazing day!

Xoxo Kris


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7 responses to “Jewelry Affaire Magazine: by Stampington

  1. I so enjoy reading your blog and seeing the wonderful things you make! What a wonderful “Job well done!”, for your work to be recognized in a print periodical! Best to you, Fly Girl.

  2. Hillary, thank you so much for your kind words! I truly appreciate your thoughtful words!! Xoxo Kris

  3. This is so so exciting My Friend! Going to post on my LinkedIn Page !!! Sending You Hugs!   Have an Incredible Day……Debbie Saviano

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  4. Thank you so much Debbie! It is quite an honor! Thanks for sharing! Miss you my friend!

  5. Erika Towle

    Congrats!!! I LOVE this magazine 🙂 Actually they don’t publish a bad one. GReat job!

  6. Very cool Kris, catching up and was surprised to see the soup, I remember it was going to be published…Congratulations, you made some amazing pieces and your wire work is fantastic!!! I hope all is going well.

  7. Thank you Sandi! I could not have done it without your luscious soup!! You gave me such beautiful elements to work with!! Xoxoxo Kris

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