Art Biz Retreat: Sunrise to Sunset


Today is day four of the ArtBizJam Retreat. My bucket is full and my inspiration is running rampant.


I only have a few more moments before my morning 6:30 walk on the beach. I am proud of myself, despite the late nights giggling and cackling, I have continued my quest for improved fitness with a morning walk on the beach.


The beauty is so incredible!


The sugar sand in my toes is delightful.


The sphere of colors surrounding us is dynamic.

Off to work out! I hope you find the beauty that surrounds you!


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6 responses to “Art Biz Retreat: Sunrise to Sunset

  1. This looks like too much fun! What could be better than an art retreat and the beauty of the sea?!

  2. Kris, you are incredible and you were a delightful part of ArtBizJam! It was such fun spending more time with you. Your beach shots are gorgeous!

  3. What a wonderful retreat you and Kelly attended. So envious of your sugar sand and surf time!

  4. Carolyn, you are so right. It was a lifetime opportunity! Bucket filling! Xoxo

  5. Thank you so much Phyllis! Your retreat was life changing, you were such a gracious host and the memories with stay happily in my heart forever. Thank you for all of your hard work organizing it! Xoxo

  6. Oh Linda, you would have loved it! It has been a lot if years since I have had beach time. So filling! Xoxo

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