Feeling Thankful…

Today I am finally working on my name badge for the retreat I am attending next week. I am super excited about this retreat, but I have been drawing a blank on creating a unique and fun name badge that represents me.


Here are a few of the supplies I am playing around with. I’ll show you the finished product next week!

Keegan is doing so well with his stitches an I am excited to say that he bit the bullet on the pain and didn’t even have to miss any school!

Our weekend promises to be especially frantic with volleyball, hockey, boys choir and a hockey fundraiser. Fun stuff!


Today the sun was shining and we had a beautiful fall day. I was able to work outside in the sunshine… Feeling thankful for the warm temps!

May you have a happy and joyful weekend!


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2 responses to “Feeling Thankful…

  1. Can’t wait to see a picture the name badge you create & hear about the retreat too!

  2. Thanks Carolyn! I am excited about how it came together but can’t show it until after the start of the retreat! I hope you are well!! Xoxo. Kris

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