Fun Times at the Drive In

As promised, I have photos from our fun excursion this weekend.

We have been wanting to take our kids to a drive in movie for weeks but it never seemed to work out. Saturday night, everything worked out amazingly well!


There were seven of us… Tom thought ahead and brought a mattress and cushions from our sofa sleeper in the basement. Despite the 90 degree temps, we loaded up on blankets just in case.

We enter, find the correct screen and tune our radio to the proper channel. We figured out the best view for all, which happened to be three kids on top of the truck and two leaning against the windshield.


After a few minutes they added the back seat on top of the mattress… Perfect theatre seating!


The gorgeous sun was setting… A perfect evening for a movie!


Add popcorn and darkness and the movie rolls.


We were thankful to have brought blankets because the wind picked up and we had a 20 degree temperature drop! It was a double feature and three out of five kids and one adult fell asleep during the second movie! (Not Naming names, but it wasn’t me! Lol)

What a fun end to the summer!


Well, I have a lot of work to do so I better get busy! Have a great day!

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