Introducing My Look Book!

I am very excited to share a project that I have been working on for weeks (pretty much all summer)!

One of the benefits with age is the ability to learn from your experiences and know yourself. Decisions become easier if you make deliberate decisions based on your skills and knowing what brings you joy.

I grew up with amazing entrepreneurial parents. They taught us so much about life, business and working toward your dreams. They were such an inspiration that all of their children own their own businesses.

My husband also has the entrepreneurial spirit (someday I’ll list all of the businesses we have been involved in). If you ever need a business idea, he is the guy to talk to!

There are many things that I have learned about myself since 2007 when I started selling my jewelry. Creating jewelry is my passion. I feel renewed when I create and my happiness flows when I create one of a kind designs. I knew that if I strayed too far away from the creating side of jewelry that my business would quickly become a job rather than my joy!

Art licensing is a perfect fit for fueling my joy! However the volume of jewelry I create on a daily basis needs an outlet. Most designers that sell wholesale recreate their designs and create new looks for every season.

I knew in my heart that reproducing my designs to sell wholesale would quickly stifle my joy. I have stayed true to my one of a kind dream and am excited to share that I believe I have found the perfect solution.

I have found a rep that is willing to carry my line even though I sell one of a kinds! We are shipping “Artist Choice” selections. Yippeeee! He covers a five state area and leaves next week for a five week road trip.

I am super excited! I have been building my inventory and preparing all summer. Yesterday I completed my look book for him to take on the road with him, along with some samples.

Here are a few pages! I published it on issuu, you can find the link here.








That’s a sampling. You can click on the link above to view the book.

Have a terrific day!


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4 responses to “Introducing My Look Book!

  1. Angela Mullis

    Congratulations! Your designs are amazing, I know they will sell!

    Angi Mullis

  2. Thank you Angela! I appreciate your compliments and confidence!! 🙂 Kris

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