Sunrise to Sunset


My alarm woke me up at 4:15 yesterday… It wasn’t hard to get up despite the limited sleep I had, I was super excited about the day ahead.

The sunrise was absolutely stunning! After about a three hour drive we arrived and were ready to shop until we dropped.


We hit it hard right out of the gate stopping at my favorite vendor and loading up in vintage goodness. My goal and focus for the entire 10 hours (with two short breaks) was to find vintage treasures for jewelry making. It was a game of endurance, especially for Tom because standing and walking takes a toll on his knees and back. Our friends let us borrow their golf cart so Tom could drive around in comfort, but he was shut down within the first half hour…no permit and no way to get a permit. Darn! We tried so hard! He was an amazing shopper anyway!


There were some incredibly cool finds… It was easy to fall in love…


I really, really wanted this sign… But I stuck to my guns and bought only jewelry supplies….


There were moments that I really needed help!!

Like when we found this amazing ax display piece.


But I was a good girl and stuck to my plan. It was a FUNtastic day from sunrise to sunset.



Hope you enjoy your sunrise & sunset! Kris


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3 responses to “Sunrise to Sunset

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  2. Rhonda

    I would have been taken right there at that aqua Axe display shelf….yum, my resolve melted…your restraint is legendary my friend…<3

  3. Thank you my sweet friend! It was hard work to resist the amazing finds! 🙂

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