Sweet Birdies & Class Preparation


The sweet birds are flying around in the snow covered trees. Usually Robins are a sign of spring. Poor birdies, I think they are looking for sunshine and berries and they found snow banks and icicles. We must have received about 10 inches of snowfall with more heading our way. We did not have the ice storms that plagued Southern Minnesota and put much of the southern state into a state of emergency, without power and heat. My heart goes out to the families suffering. Brrrr. Hopefully they will quickly restore services.

Yesterday was a great snow day. I got all of my kits created for my classes next week at Lake Geneva. Super excited about connecting with old friends and new friends!


Here are two of the jewelry pieces I will be teaching at the Creatives Retreat. There is still time to register!!!


Have a warm and safe day!


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4 responses to “Sweet Birdies & Class Preparation

  1. Debbie Huls

    Maybe you could think about an online tutorial about how you do the wire shaping for your designs

  2. Dolores

    Love these designs and wish I was closer to come and take them. I think too an online tutorial would be really neat.
    Our robins are confused too and have been eating birdseed which they don’t usually do.

  3. Delores & Debbie,

    Thank you so much for your feedback! I have been contemplating doing some online classes. I would love to have your input into what you would like. Are you thinking video tutorials? Pdf’s?

    I promise I will put this in my todo list to develop in the next few months! Thanks so much for your comments! Love you guys!!

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