Creative Minds are Rarely Tidy!

Whew, I admit I am a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to paperwork. So it would not shock anyone to know that I continued to put off sorting and organizing until a few days before our appointment with our accountant.

I continue to live by the quote that
Creative Minds are Rarely Tidy!

My sweet husband and kids got me the best Christmas present this year and because it related to paperwork, it remained in it’s pristine packaging until yesterday. (I am so bad!)


Yesterday I bit the bullet & opened up my NeatDesk. It is a dynamic product that scans receipts, documents and business cards. It recognizes text, dates, and amounts and automatically enters, sorts and categorizes the fields on receipts to break them down into your expense categories! You verify the amounts are correct, but I even scanned a receipt from a paper bag! I must say it is incredible!

I scanned 156 receipts yesterday. It saves an image of each receipt too, I love it. (I am not getting paid to tell you my opinion either!)

So now I am in great shape for my meeting with my accountant! And I will be so thankful to have tax time behind me!


I hope you have an incredibly creative day!
🙂 Kris

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