Hoppy Monday!

Happy Monday!!

If you are looking for my bead soup post, you can find it here.


Kya and Sawyer had a blast dying Easter eggs yesterday. Of course, Keegan refrained as he was stuck to the recliner with his feet elevated. He did enjoy the fruits of their labor though.

His pain has been manageable so he is doing great. I wish I could show you pics of him walking on crutches with his double air cast/cam boots. They have curved bottoms and not much for traction so it is a little nervewracking watching him walk. I have been forbidden to post any photos of him and he is so cute all set up in the recliner with his feet elevated.

I have been cooking, creating and enjoying my family this weekend.

Here is a necklace I created with a vintage European buckle… Love the buckle and felt that it would make a perfect element to wire some charms to.


I made it long so you can layer a few necklaces or double up the chain and wear it shorter.


Thanks to our snow days, our kids had school today, so Keegan and I are spending some quality time together.

I am back to finish hopping the bead soup blog party. It is so much fun to see the diverse and gorgeous work that everyone creates.

I hope you enjoy a beautiful Monday!

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