Much Love!


Good news! The Pre-Op appointment is complete and we are all set for Keegan’s surgery tomorrow. We have been down this path many times and I have to say, it really doesn’t get easier.

We had a fantastic meeting with the Anesthesiologist and have a solid plan to reduce anxiety, avoid meds he has reacted to and are in a very comfortable place for tomorrow morning.

“Much Love” has been a phrase Tom and I have used over the years… Sometimes to replace I Love You. I have soooo Much Love for my 14 year old son who has tolerated quite a journey and faced many fears. I am so proud!

I am going to be updating Keegan’s caring bridge site that we established when he was 9. If you are so inclined, you can check in at

Kya and Keegan were jumping in the melting snow banks the other day… Here are a few of their goofy photos…

First, their shadows on the snow banks.



Keegan appears as though he is going to land face first in the snow bank.


He had quite the leap above the bank in this shot. They had so much fun!


And finally, Kya took a beautiful shot of the setting sun…

With much love in my heart, this photo provokes feelings of peace for me.

May your days be filled with peace and “Much Love” to you!


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