Sharing Joy


Sometimes I believe we need to create our own joy and I have to say it sure can be fun!

I found the coolest mica cuttings in Tucson and I was creating with some resin projects the other day and decided to play! This is the first one I made into a necklace and I am happy with the result.


I created about six inspirational message pendants with vintage book paper. I am a glitter girl, so I had to add a little sparkle. The only thing I would change would be to protect the ink a little better on the vintage paper. But overall, I am happy with the results.

Well, my spring fever has been put on the back burner with freezing rain causing a late start for school this morning. My kids slept the entire two hours, it amazed me! What a joyful start to the day!


I hope you are having a fun and joy filled day today!
🙂 Kris

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