The Noodles Are Done!


Apparently when I was in Arizona, Tom was giving our kids culinary lessons. Lessons that included how to tell if your pasta is ready…

Yesterday when I ran to pick up Sawyer and Kya from school, I asked Keegan to stir the turkey noodle soup and to watch so the noodles don’t get overcooked.

We walked in the door and Keegan very confidently said “The noodles are done!” I asked, “How do you know, did you taste them?”

He replied, “No, I’ll show you!”


“Mom, don’t you know that noodles stick to the ceiling when they are done? Dad showed us when you were in Arizona!”

Isn’t it a great picture of Keegan cleaning them off my ceiling? DaddyO is now on ceiling duty! And you can bet that when my kids say the Mac and cheese is done, I will be looking up to check! {laughing out LOUD!}

Yesterday was a glorious winter day in Minnesota!

20130307-084335.jpgSuch BEAUTY!

Here is a necklace I made recently… Fun vintage brooch, dark wire and funky chunky chain!


Lovin’ Vintage!!

Have a glorious day!
🙂 Kris

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One response to “The Noodles Are Done!

  1. Tom, Tom, Tom! Just another one of the kids! LOL!

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