Happy 69th Birthday Mom!!!

I am excited to be able to add on to the end of my trip and spend a day and a half with my Mom! It’s her 69th birthday today!! Happy Birthday Mom!!

I hope you have the most incredible day ever!!

There was a time when we were not sure that she would make it to 69, so it is a huge celebration!! It will be fun to see her!

The past weekend, as expected, was a whirlwind. For the first time all year, the girls won both hockey games and my Chickadoodle scored!

Her volleyball team played so well together, they took first in pool play and moved up to the gold level. They lost the Championship game in the third game. Sometimes it is better to learn how to lose than it is to win and I think the timing of the loss in Championships gave them more drive than winning would have.

Next weekend they play up from 12u to the 13/14 age brackets, so that should be interesting. Hopefully they will keep me informed of their progress as I will be in Arizona.

Tonight is parents night and the last swim meet of the season for Sawyer. While it has been challenging to juggle between boys choir, plays and swimming, it has been a rewarding year for him. It has been fun to see the growth and improvement.

I feel like a giddy little girl, I am so excited about my trip to Arizona! I leave very very early tomorrow morning. I should be able to get some sleep if I can settle myself down! I have been packing for days so it is incredible that I am not fully packed yet!


The only negative is missing my family! (Sad face) I am going to miss them so much!

I will be sure to share the fun, shopping & giggles! Have a great day!

Kris 🙂

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One response to “Happy 69th Birthday Mom!!!

  1. Rhonda

    Take a deep breath…and enjoy! How fabulous you will get to see your Mom!

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