Just Breathe

Hello My Friends!

I am sorry for being so busy! Today and tomorrow I am prepping for my Atlanta visit, my daughter’s away hockey tournament for Tom, Kya & Keegan, & for Sawyer to spend the weekend with his awesome Aunt who so graciously accepted the role of running him from swimming to play practice to boys choir this weekend! She deserves a Standing O for being such an amazing help! It is Sawyer’s big weekend of performances for Amahl & The Night Visitor, a 45 minute opera. Sawyer & another boy share a lead role. My plan is to make it back for Sunday’s performance. If you are local and looking for entertainment, performances are 5pm Saturday and 5 & 7 pm Sunday at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in St. Cloud.

I am trying to finish up some jewelry designs and wash about 10 loads of laundry. My dryer just decided to stop heating. Aaaaargh!

So far I have three loads of clothes draped around our house on every possible surface! I hate to admit it, but my stress level is building just a tad bit!!

My friend just called and told me the morning flights are starting to fill on Thursday so I might need to leave Wednesday afternoon.

I have to remember to just breathe!! Just Breathe!!


We have had some sunshiny winter weather which is fantastic for January in Minnesota!

I hope that you are enjoying your day today!

🙂 Kris

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