A Mother’s Love: Personalized Bracelet


Finally I have the pleasure of showing you one of my favorite Mother Gifts of the Holidays. I love it so much, I plan on making myself one!

I created this bracelet for a special Mother of four.


I showed you a sneak peek here, before Christmas, but i didn’t want Mom to stumble upon the post! The word is that Mom loved it, which makes me so happy!


This bracelet is a double wrap bracelet and features her four children’s names. I had to source extra long blanks because of the length of a couple of their adorable names. Attached to each name is a wired crystal representing their birthstone.

It was fun to make and fun to coordinate the delivery to Dad as a surprise to Mom too!


I hope you are enjoying your holidays and precious moments with friends and family! 🙂 Kris

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One response to “A Mother’s Love: Personalized Bracelet

  1. tracy smith

    Kris, I am not sure if you received my note from earlier today, I wasn’t sure if it went through. I LOVE my Bracelet!!! Your talent is truely AMAZING!! I was so surprised when the kids so excitedly gave it to me. I so wanted to call you on Christmas. Thanks again, I truely love it and I get to see and enjoy it everyday!! Tracy

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