Cracked Vs. Crashed


Friday morning Sawyer wakes up and says “Happy Doomsday!” He totally cracked us up, it was so funny and unexpected!

It was a bit of a crazy day! Thankfully we were not doomed! 🙂

An elderly gentleman turned in front of me as we were on our way to hockey, last night. It was all I could do to avoid crashing into him. I slammed on the brakes narrowly avoiding him, hoping I did not get rear-ended as we had the green light. Thankfully we were fine and I am so grateful for avoiding the collision! I. Did get the adrenaline flowing in my daughter and her two friends that were riding with us!

After pulling in the garage that evening, I forgot that I had my phone in my lap and crash, it fell face down on the concrete. So thankful I bought the warranty! I must say, I would rather have a cracked phone vs. a crashed vehicle! Not a bad day overall!

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