Key to Joy & Peace


Today I wish for you to hold the key to Joy & Peace!

I wish for you to enjoy this crazy holiday season, take a deep breath and laugh with your kids, friends, & family.

Let go of the:

~ I’m not done shopping yet stress {I’m Not!}
~ aaaargh, I don’t have holiday cards out {haven’t started mine!}
~so much wrapping & holiday todo’s!{oh yeah, meeee too!}

Let’s just take moment to breathe deeply, enjoy the moment, be thankful & relax! We always seem to get it done!!

I hope you have peace & the key to joy during this crazy time! We can do this together!!

🙂 Kris

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One response to “Key to Joy & Peace

  1. Rhonda

    I agree! It’s time to ENJOY, not stress out! Besides, so far everyone I know is late with their cards! 🙂 I only got 5 so far! lol! Cutting ourselves slack is the only way to save the day and make wonderful memories……Relax! Love your piece!

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