InSide Out?


This funky pair of earrings started with blue crystals wired with hammered copper diamond link and dangles on a cool cooper hoop earring. So much fun to wear!

Since I have been working from home full time, often in my pj’s, I have been catching up on mounds of laundry. I realized I have been spending ALOT of time turning my kids clothing right side out. It seems like such a small thing and I really do not enjoy nagging so rather than nag, I decided to just fold their cloths inside out. I was kind of prepared for some questions/feedback/complaints.

Today marks two weeks, can you believe that I have not had one single comment from my children? I am kind of amazed! Not one of them has started the day with an inside out shirt either.

Something that irked me has really turned into a funny situation! Do you have any idea how much time it saves me? In four loads, only three of their items were right side out.

Now I need to determine my next plan of action… Inside out does not bother them one bit! It sure saves time, but maybe I need to give a “how to remove your clothing and keep it right side out lesson!” Only my silly kids would not be bothered by stacks of inside out clothing! {they crack me up!}

I listed a scaled down version of yesterday’s trio of necklaces in my Etsy shop here.


Hope you enjoy your day!
Kris 🙂

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One response to “InSide Out?

  1. I remember doing the exact same thing to my kids years ago. Same reaction, LOL!

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