Our River Bluff Christmas Tree


Yesterday we had an unusual open afternoon, and it was a prime opportunity to go find a Christmas Tree. Sadly our local tree farm closed a couple years ago. Tom discovered a new tree farm and so we ventured off, excited and unsure of what we were about to experience! Boy were we in for a treat at The River Bluff Tree Farm in St. Cloud!


The festive atmosphere greeted you as you entered the barn. Cookies, cider and candy canes… Buffalo jerky, holiday music and the feeling of excitement for the season was in the air.

You could take a horse drawn wagon or walk yourself, we chose to walk.


It was a fun search to find the perfect tree…

20121203-071711.jpg {Too small.}

Our search has been an ongoing challenge to get a tree high enough to touch our ceiling.



It’s pretty hard to judge out in the field how tall a tree is.



After a pretty amicable discussion, everyone agreed we found the perfect tree!

Now to cut it down…


For the first time, our kids cut the tree down on their own… It was a sight to see and I must say I had the chuckles. It was a perfect lesson in team building.


As one would pull, the other would get tugged forward… It was so funny! After a little learning curve, the process got smoother and… Timber! Their efforts were successful.


Ahaaaaa! And now to get it back to the barn…
(Again we choose to drag it ourselves- however being the official photographer has its benefits!)

There were so many favorite parts of this experience, but this is one of them!


[Probably because I wasn’t doing much of the carrying, I was great at holding the saw though!]


We ran into some hockey friends and they snapped a quick picture of us!



We had to rest along the way…


One of my favorite pics of the boys hauling the tree… Do you see them?


Ahhhhh… The barn is in sight!



And then two sweet elves in red came to help us out!

They brought it into the barn and put it onto the shaker machine.


And then they wrapped it up like a present (well, not quite a present, but it was an amazing process!) it took five friendly River Bluff Elves!


They loaded it on our trailer and we were off (after picking up some buffalo jerky and kettle corn to snack on!).


Discussion on carrying it in…

We didn’t quite meet our goal of touching the ceiling. Tom kept saying this was the easiest tree we have ever had!



Time to break out the big ladder!








Our kids did an amazing job adding lights… It was so amazing to watch them work together.

I have been fighting flu symptoms for three days so by this time I was cuddling on the couch with a blanket. I am proud to say I did not adjust a single light after they placed them… The tree is precious as it is… I am in love with its imperfection.

They are not done decorating… But it was a beautiful sight to wake up to, despite the ladder! Lol

I hope you can create some treasured holiday memories this week!

Have an incredible day! 🙂 Kris


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5 responses to “Our River Bluff Christmas Tree

  1. It’s snowing on your blog! Cute! Great tree! Take care of that flu! fluids and zzzzz’s

  2. Thank you so much for bring us into your life and your great adventures what great fun!! I fell as if I was there watching the whole time laughing right along with you! What great memiories!!

  3. Gotta love that Binsfeld clan! Thanks for sharing:)

  4. What a wonderful holiday ritual you have shared with us! It looks like a delightful day and I see several photo Christmas cards in this collection, or maybe a little memory book. You have a wonderful family Kris. You are so blessed!

  5. Thank you all for your amazing comments on our holiday ritual! 🙂 love the idea of a memory book!!
    🙂 Kris

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