Beauty-filled Days & Still Blogging!


Still Blogging! I just wanted make sure you know that I am still blogging! My title on Monday was a little misleading, it sounded like I was retiring from blogging. I assure you, I enjoy blogging and will continue to be here as often as possible! Thank you to my loyal subscribers, friends and followers for always being here for me! It is so much fun to share my journey with you. XOXO

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My first week working from home in my pj’s is flying by! It is Wednesday and I have accomplished a lot! I signed up for a couple of online classes to learn new techniques and skills. I have created some new jewelry for my line, played around with some new ideas, worked on finishing some remaining custom orders and started developing some ideas for my business!

The only thing awkward was late in the afternoon yesterday when a couple of hockey Dad’s stopped by and I was still in my pj’s (if you must know, my pj’s are black sweats, so it wasn’t revealing or anything!!) Lol!

Sawyer has been discovering hearts randomly as we go though our days… It is such a joy for me to see him discover beauty and fun in the world.


This one might be a little harder to see, Sawyer was unpacking one of my orders and he discovered a heart of chain in a bag. Love the photo if his hands carefully holding it.


And this morning, he called me in to see that his last bite of cereal was shaped like a heart. Super sweet.

Hopefully you discover random joy and beauty in your days!

Have a Beauty-filled day!

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  1. I recently talked to my daughter about how I find heart shapes during my day (if I’m being present in the moment!)…and when she got home from school, she was so excited to tell me she saw one at her feet when she was standing at her locker (on the second floor of the high school)…a fallen autumn leaf! Love abounds, with the right attitude.

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