A GIVEAWAY: 500 Blogposts & I’m Retired!


Big News: Today I am celebrating my 500th Blog Post! It is quite incredible to realize that I have practically written a book, 500 pages, one page at a time! Mostly on my phone and usually between 5am and 8 am. Thank you for following my blog and being there for me! I am going to celebrate with a giveaway!!!

I have other news, I am retiring!

Yup! You may or may not know that over the past three and a half years I worked a full time job as Marketing Director ( the past six months, I reduced my hours). My goal has been to work my jewelry business full time for quite some time and today I am celebrating the first day on the job!

My first meeting is in a few minutes, my attire will be pj’s and I will be attending by myself! But it is an important meeting, I will be planning my business strategy! I have so many ideas and concepts that I have not been able to develop, so I am truly excited!

Back to the giveaway!!

Giveaway No. 1 is a pair of earrings from my Creative Co-op Collection.


Giveaway No.2 is a funky key necklace from my Creative Co-op Collection!


This is one of my favorites!



1. Leave a comment on THIS blog post only!

2. Share the giveaway post from my Facebook page (Thanks for liking my page if you haven’t already!!) Leave an additional comment that you shared the giveaway!

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Winners will be chosen using the Random Number Generator after midnight on Friday November 23, 2012. Remember to subscribe to my blog via email or like my Facebook page and you will find out the winners!

Thanks so much! Have a FUNtastic Day!
🙂 Kris


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46 responses to “A GIVEAWAY: 500 Blogposts & I’m Retired!

  1. Yah!! Great attitude and I’m so excited to see all that will come with this extra time to devote to your gift!!!

  2. HA, Kris, you only THINK you’re retiring! But at least, you will be calling the shots and doing what you WANT to do….celebrating your creativity!

  3. Congratulations. Hope you are enjoying this transition and wish you continued success.

  4. Congrats, Kris! I know (just a tiny smidge, I’m sure) how hard you have worked to get to this point. Enjoy!

  5. Now you can really enjoy your job 🙂

  6. So excited for you Kris! And I love that your first corporate meeting will be in your PJ’s! You will do great!

  7. HUGE congrats, Kris! You have worked so hard for this. You deserve to have all you dreams come true. It is very exciting to see you make it happen.

  8. Added a tweet…find it @cherishdesigns

  9. Dolores

    Congrats on your retirement, I’m sure you will do great with your jewelry business and be even more creative now that you will have more time to play(work).

  10. Congratulations Kris! That is awesome!!

  11. Congratulations on such a huge accomplishment Kris! Each little step counts and really pays off after a while. You are an inspiration! So happy for you!!!

  12. Such great work…it really is unique and beautiful! Congrats on retiring!

  13. Happy 500th! Such an accomplishment! So happy for you:)

  14. Congratulations! You’ve worked hard to get here. Your efforts inspire all aspiring artists!

  15. Lori

    I am absolutely THRILLED for you!!! Great job on the posts and the retirement…no one deserves it more!

  16. Lori

    Hey Kris…shared the photo/link on my FB page 🙂

  17. Congratulations on reaching your dream. You worked hard to make it happen. Enjoy!

  18. I pinned to your giveaway page, including the specific URL.

  19. So happy for you! Congratulations!! I’ll be sharing now!

  20. Just pinned it on my Giveaway board!!

  21. Shared on your FB and in both my Frends FB and business!

  22. Chris Capista

    Congratulations and thanks for he give-away!

  23. Kris I’m so happy for you! I dream of retiring sooner than later and doing my art, all day, every day…. and meetings in my pjs!! 🙂 It is truly inspiring to see other artists accomplish this. Congratulations!!

  24. Congratulations!!! I am SO happy for you! Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate!!!! 🙂

  25. I tweeted, too! Hope folks come from far and wide to check out your beautiful jewelry!

  26. Super duper awesome! Way to go Kris. Good things come to those who…. work their butts off and stay true to their dreams!

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  28. Congradulations! You can never ever go wrong with PJs!!!

  29. Love your blog! Never thought of it as writing a 500 page book, one page at a time. You go girl!

  30. Yahooo! Yahooo! Yahooo! Can’t wait to see you on Friday! Time to celebrate!

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  32. Margo Nelson

    What a gift to the world when we “do what we love” – congratulations on being your own boss! Your jewelry is really unique – thanks for the chance at the giveaway…

  33. Love your blog, I look forward to seeing more. I hope someday mine can look this good too 🙂

  34. It sounds like you’re entering a fantastic new phase in your life, enjoy it!

  35. Pinned it to my Pinterest board!

  36. And I have liked your FB page and shared the giveaway post!

  37. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

  38. Retiring!? Wow, congratulations!! This sounds like a very exciting new step in your life. Enjoy it!

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  40. Melissa Brown

    Congratulations on your new endevour! I cannot wait to see what creative things you can create when you can do it full time!

  41. Pingback: Thankful & Grateful | CherishDesigns's Blog

  42. Abby

    I am so glad to have found your jewelry!

  43. Abby

    Shared the blog post!

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