Recap: Trunk Show at the Porch & Atelier

If you are looking for the Ears to You Blog Hop, scroll down one post or click here.

Yesterday was my first trunk show at The Porch & Atelier and we had so much fun. My host Teresa and her sister Jean were incredibly gracious and fun to spend time with!


They had two gorgeous tables for me, I should have stepped back a little more when taking my photo and you would see the buffet tables were made from vintage windows and were granite topped – Gorgeous!!


I could have sold my dress form three times, sorry, she’s mine and I would miss her!


Teresa warned me that they would want to buy my props! Sorry, some of the bottles were my Grandfather’s.


You are going to be totally amazed at the celebrity sighting!


Do you see him? Peeking out? Yes, it was Woody from Toy Story! It was the most adorable sight, a Mom willing to lug around Woody for her precious son.

The morning started a little snowy.



So beautiful, but a tad slippery. The snow has magically disappeared, but the beauty is sure to come again!

I am about halfway through the Ears to You Blog hop, there are some incredibly beautiful earrings on their way to some very courageous women!


I know I promise photos of my new additions to my line with Creative Co-op! They are coming soon! I promise!

I hope you have the most incredible Sunday! 🙂 Kris


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4 responses to “Recap: Trunk Show at the Porch & Atelier

  1. What a perfect shop for you delightful creations! I too love your props! I hope it was a good day all around for everyone!

  2. Your displays suit your jewelry designs beautifully! The bottles are so cool!

  3. What a beautiful post today. I love all the photos. And of course all the items depicted in the photos!! So glad you had a great time. 🙂

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