Private Virtual Sale: Pinky Swear!


It’s pretty rare that I make myself a necklace… I tend to wear the same couple of designs for months, switching it up occasionally, kind of odd for a jewelry junkie.

I have been collecting random elements that I have wanted to make into a necklace and last weekend I finally created a new layering necklace for myself. Nothing fancy.


This morning we woke to a beautiful snowfall… My kids are so excited, I have to nudge them to keep moving… They just want to watch the snow fall.


Tomorrow is my Private Virtual Sale, there is still time to sign up. {Email me at} The email sale will be going out tomorrow at noon central. I will be sending a pre-sale email before the end of the day, so let me know if you have trouble opening it. I think you will be happy you signed up… Would you like a hint? Okay… The hint is {Bogohoplus}. I have a ton of inventory never shown on my blog, some early creations, some lower priced designs and I think you are going to have a blast! Pinky Swear!
{feel free to share my private sale info with your friends!}


Hope you have a joyful day, I know ours will be a joyful snowy day!
🙂 Kris

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