Have a Sunshiny Sparkly Day!


I confess, I like a little sparkle…


Well, maybe a little more than a little! {huge grin} Always have, always will.


Yes, I do like to sparkle! You know what they say, Everyone deserves to sparkle!

Don’t let anyone, ever, dull your sparkle!!

🙂 Shine on my friends! Have a sunshiny sparkly day!

{a quick reminder: My Private Virtual Sale will be held Friday at 12 Noon, Central Time Zone: I forgot to mention which time zone, Sorry! If you would like to be added to my sale, send an email to cherishdesigns@live.com. Thanks!}


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2 responses to “Have a Sunshiny Sparkly Day!

  1. love your bling and such unique designs. do you ever post pics of the backs. would be interested in whether you are glueing, wiring, weaving or what. love love your bling!

  2. Thanks for the sparkle in my day! Hope you found the same…

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