A Hazy Cloud of Dust


GMorning!!! Gosh, it’s Wednesday already! It is a bit unbelievable how quickly the days pass.


I love the intricacies of this vintage element and the sharp contrast between black and white.


Is it dry where you live? It is incredibly dry here! My three little (well maybe not so little) Atv’ers have been having a blast driving all over our yard and driveway.


Around and around they go…


And up and down… Until all you see out the windows is a hazy cloud of dust.


Boy have they had fun… But don’tcha think we could use a little rain?

🙂 Enjoy your Wednesday!


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4 responses to “A Hazy Cloud of Dust

  1. Looks like awesome fun! (We love ATVs at our house too.) Yes we could use more rain. I just heard on the news that because of the drought in the midwest we will have a shortage of bacon! Oh no! I love bacon!

  2. You crack me up Hilary!! 🙂 yes, we could use some rain! Thanks for your comment! 🙂 Kris

  3. Mmmmmm…bacon! Yum! Kris’ favorite! LOL!

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