Rising Above


The gorgeous colors of fall have started to appear…
Sumac is one of my favorites. It is really feeling fallish today!

From my heart, I thank you each of you who have reached out in support to me. Your kind thoughts and words are so much appreciated. Throughout this experience, I have done my best to take the high road and be the best person I can be.

I try to look at each day and event in my life and learn from it. Yesterday was a big, painful lesson. I thought it would be helpful to write about the experience have some closure about it. It turned out that it opened Pandora’s box.

Yesterday, I withdrew from a group of online friends I love connecting with because I need peace to heal and move forward. Very few people know the whole story of what happened during that time and it serves no purpose to bear it all. I would really appreciate my friends to trust that I carefully contemplated my actions and have strong justification for ending a friendship I adored.

Someone recently posted, “If someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

I believe and am listening to my instincts.

I am sorry for dragging down my blog for two days in a row.

Today my message is Rising Above.


At the Junk Bonanza, I promised to share this beautiful art from a sweet vendor we met.


If you grew up on a lake or have happy childhood memories, you would remember the orange life vest she painted. It is beautiful and painted on wood.


Love her fresh summer tomato too! One of my favorite summer treats!


Suzanne is having a studio show and sale… We hope you can join her!


I hope you can take a moment to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you!

🙂 Kris


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11 responses to “Rising Above

  1. Hang in there Kris…your heart will heal. If any of these friendships were meant to be, they will come around again when you are ready. Hugs! Becky

  2. Love that tomato!!! Your friend Suzanne has some special talent going for her. Wish her lots of luck with her studio show. Sure wish I lived closer ~ you have wonderful resources and lots of great, creative friends.

  3. I will miss your remarks and insight…please don’t disappear from all the groups.

  4. Hilary Frye

    Sumac is a fav of mine too since it turns red! Love Fall colors, my favorite times of year for the brilliance of the trees and shrubs! One of my fav ornamental grasses is in full bloom right now too…I always look forward to it in the Fall! Hugs!

  5. Oh those paintings are marvelous! Makes me want to run to the studio and do some painting myself. Today is a wonderful day! Enjoy and feel happy.

  6. Thank you Susan! You are so sweet. I will not disappear, just need a little time! Thanks for reaching out! 🙂 Kris

  7. Thanks so much Becky!!! You are so right!

  8. Thanks Noelle! Hugs right back!

  9. Thanks Linda! I wish you lived closer too! 🙂

  10. Loved the pic on your blog Hil! Thanks for your support!

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