Junk Bonanza Style!


I do! Junk Bonanza Style!


The story of the amazing dress forms that I fell a little bit in love with yesterday was so much fun to hear. The vendor walked into the attic of a house…

And all six were lined up in a row. Clearly they are sisters… She felt it was wrong to separate them and sold them as a family. I love that they get to stay together! They were quite a ways out of my price range! 🙂

Lovin’ Letters!!

20120915-064535.jpg Sweet Aprons!

Even sweeter friends!


LOVE old metal stuff!




Posh, Very Posh!


Made me smile from the Vintage Pixie!


Our class was last night. It was so much fun to create with an incredible group of women. More photos to come, but now I must start preparing for the day!

Have a fantabulous Friday! 🙂 Kris



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2 responses to “Junk Bonanza Style!

  1. FryeStyle

    I so fell in love with those dressforms. What beautiful shapes, especially the one with the corset waist. One very lucky buyer. Hope they stay together. What a sweet story of sisters!

  2. I agree Hilary! Thanks for joining us! You are a true blessing!

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