Flying Friends: Debbie Saviano


We found out yesterday, my Friend Debbie Saviano is a Finalist in the Innovative Women In Business Awards (Start Up Entrepreneur of the Year)
She is so deserving of this award!

Half of the selection is Votes. The other half is the Advisory Panel. So if you want to help an amazing person get recognized…

Cast your vote now for the Innovative Women in Business awards

She would sooooooo appreciate your support if you feel like voting!

Thanks!!! 🙂 Kris


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One response to “Flying Friends: Debbie Saviano

  1. debbiesaviano663

    Hi Sweet Kris! You never cease to amaze me! I feel so Blessed to have You as My Friend!! Thanks for Your continued Support. I invited Kelly H. To room with me. She did not have hotel reservations yet and she is not due in until close to midnight so thought it would be helpful ++++ Fun. Still looking forward to PJ Late Night to visit 🙂 Hugs My Friend!!

    Sent from my iPad

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